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HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller

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An ingress controller is a Kubernetes resource that routes traffic from outside your cluster to services within the cluster.

Detailed documentation can be found within the Official Documentation.

You can also find in this repository a list of all available Ingress annotations.


Docker image is available on Docker Hub: haproxytech/kubernetes-ingress

If you prefer to build it from source use (change to appropriate platform if needed with TARGETPLATFORM, default platform is linux/amd64)

make build

With non default platform add appropriate TARGETPLATFORM

make build TARGETPLATFORM=linux/arm/v6

Example environment can be created with

make example

Please see for all available arguments of controler image.

Available customisations are described in doc

Basic setup to to run controller is described in yaml file.

kubectl apply -f deploy/haproxy-ingress.yaml

HAProxy Helm Charts

Official HAProxy Technologies Helm Charts for deploying on Kubernetes are available in haproxytech/helm-charts repository


Thanks for your interest in the project and your willing to contribute:


A Github issue is the right place to discuss feature requests, bug reports or any other subject that needs tracking.

To ask questions, get some help or even have a little chat, you can join our #ingress-controller channel in HAProxy Community Slack.


Apache License 2.0

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