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I've also created a series of projects to demo Angular and Spring WebFlux using other protocols:

Angular Spring Reactive Sample

This application demonstrate building backend RESTful APIs with the newest Reactive stack introduced in Spring 5, and creating the frontend SPA with Angular 5.

Read the comprehensive step by step guide to get more details.

Project structure

  • client - The client application built with Angular CLI.
  • server - The backend RESTful APIs.

Build and Run

Clone the source codes into your local system.

git clone


The backend is a Spring Boot based application, make sure you have installed the following software:

  • Apache Maven
  • Oracle JDK 8
  • Docker & Docker Compose

There is a docker-compose.yml file in the project root folder.

Starts up required MongoDb and Reids service in the background by executing the following command.

docker-compose up

NOTE: You can also install a local MongoDb and Redis instead of using Docker.

Then run the application by Spring boot maven plugin directly.

mvn spring-boot:run


The client application is generated by Angular CLI.

Enter client folder, execute the following command to run the frontend UI.

npm install
npm run start

Open your favorite browser, and navigate to http://localhost:4200.


By default, I do not use a CORS config to run the Server side in this sample application.

But if you do not like to use a proxy.conf.js in the Angular config, follow the following steps to enable cors support in the backend, and connect to the backend directly in the client side.


Activate the cors profile when running the Spring Boot application.

java -jar target/app.jar


There is a standalone configuration cors added in the Angular config to connect to the backend directly.

npm run start:cors


Welcome to contribute this project. If you have some ideas do not hesitate to file an issue or send a PR directly.

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