Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source is a minimal, distraction-free, accountless, logless, disappearing chat service which is easily deployable as your own service. The current client comes bundled with LaTeX rendering provided by KaTeX and code syntax highlighting provided by highlight.js.

A list of software developed for the framework can be found at the 3rd party software list repository. This includes bots, clients, docker containers, etc.

This is a backwards compatible continuation of the work by Andrew Belt. The server code has been updated to ES6 along with several new features including new commands and hot-reload of the commands/protocol. There is also documentation and a changelog.



Developer Installation

  1. Clone the repository: git clone

  2. Change the directory: cd main

  3. Install the dependencies: npm install

  4. Launch: npm start

    If you change the websocketPort option during the config setup then these changes will need to be reflected on line 60 of client.js.

Live Deployment Installation



  • If you are modifying commands, make sure it is backwards compatible with the legacy client and you update the documentation accordingly.
  • Use the template to learn how to create new commands.
  • Use two space indents.
  • Name files in camelCase.
  • Scripts that do not default to strict mode (such as modules) must use the 'use strict' directive.



This project is licensed under the WTFPL License.

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