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Typebot is an open-source alternative to Landbot. It allows you to create conversational apps/forms (Lead qualification, Product launch, User onboarding, Customer support), embed them anywhere on your web/mobile apps, and collect results in real-time.


  • Text, image, video bubble messages
  • Text, URL, email, phone number, date... input fields
  • Native integrations including Google Sheets, Webhooks, Send email (more to come)
  • Conditional branching, URL redirections
  • Beautiful animations
  • Theme is 100% customizable
  • Embed as a container, popup, or chat bubble easily with the native JS library
  • In-depth analytics

For more info, visit the landing page

Stay up-to-date

Lots of new features are being implemented on a day-to-day basis. Make sure to hit the Star button and watch Releases to be notified of future features.

Typebot illustration

Getting started with Typebot

The easiest way to get started with Typebot is with the official managed service in the Cloud.

It takes 1 minute to try out the builder for free. You'll have high availability, backups, security, and maintenance all managed for you by me, Baptiste, Typebot's founder.

That's also the best way to support my work, open-source software, and you'll get great service!


Interested in self-hosting Typebot on your server? Take a look at the self-hosting installation instructions.

Local setup

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Install dependencies

  3. Set up environment variables

    Copy apps/builder/.env.local.example to apps/builder/.env.local

    Copy apps/viewer/.env.local.example to apps/viewer/.env.local

    Check out the Configuration guide if you want to enable more options

  4. Make sure you have Docker running

  5. Start the builder and viewer

    yarn dev

    Builder is available at http://localhost:3000

    Viewer is available at http://localhost:3001

    Database inspector is available at http://localhost:5555

    By default, you can easily authenticate in the builder using the "Github Sign In" button. For other options, check out the Configuration guide

  6. (Optionnal) Start the landing page

    Copy apps/landing-page/.env.local.example to apps/landing-page/.env.local

    cd apps/landing-page
    yarn dev
  7. (Optionnal) Start the docs

    cd apps/docs
    yarn start


Another great way to support Typebot is to contribute to the project. Head over to the Contribute guidelines to get started.


Typebot is a Monorepo powered by Turborepo. It is composed of 2 main applications:

  • the builder, where you build your typebots
  • the viewer, where your user answer the typebot

These apps are built with awesome web technologies including Typescript, Next.js, Prisma, Chakra UI, Tailwind CSS.


Typebot is open-source under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3). You can find it here.

In a few words, it means that:

  • If you commercialize your version of Typebot. You need to be clear and provide a prominent mention and link to the original project so people that are considering using their version of the software can be aware of the original project
  • If you modify the original software, you need to open source and publish your modifications
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