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ERP beyond your fridge - now containerized!

This repository includes container build infrastructure for grocy.

Docker Pulls Docker Stars


Follow these instructions to get Docker running on your server.


To get started using pre-built Docker Hub grocy images, run the following commands:

export GROCY_IMAGE_TAG=v3.0.1-11
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up

The grocy application should now be accessible locally to the server:

Since the images contain self-signed certificates, your browser may display a warning when visiting the HTTPS URL.


The grocy application reads configuration settings from environment variables prefixed by GROCY_.

Runtime environment variables are read by docker-compose from the grocy.env file in this directory.

The default login credentials are username admin and password admin; please change these before providing end-user access to your deployment.

Demo Mode

To run the container in demo mode, override the GROCY_MODE environment variable at application run-time:

GROCY_MODE=demo docker-compose up


Docker Images

docker-compose build

Vulnerability Scans

Support is provided for running image vulnerability scans using the snyk CLI tool.

This requires authentication with Snyk during the vulnerability scanning process.

You can read more about Snyk's vulnerability database here.

To perform a vulnerability scan, use the following command:

npm run test

OCI Images

Optional support for building opencontainer images is available via the Makefile provided.

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