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🐳 🐍 Docker image for ERPNext.
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Docker Erpnext66
2 years agoagpl-3.0Shell
:whale: :snake: Docker image for ERPNext.
6 years ago1Python
:snake: Python application versioning tool
Effective Barnacle16
5 years ago1JavaScript
A super scalable multiplayer game made with a ton of awesome technologies
4 years agomitYARA
A scalable framework for binary analysis in a containered environment.
Snakes On A Plane10
9 years agoShell
Set of Dockerfiles for localized package caching services
Liga Manager Api10
a month agomitPHP
GraphQL API for managing soccer leagues like Wilde Liga Bremen
5 months agomitGo
Game snake written in go. No third-dependance
Detect.py5333 years ago8December 03, 2020unlicensePython
:snake: :microscope: detect OS and Python versions
a year agomitRust
Snake with vim navigation, developed in Rust and compiled to Web Assembly, using Azure Functions and FSharp for a highscore API.
Miia Py5
2 months ago2gpl-3.0Python
Your favorite Snake Bot, at your service!
Alternatives To Docker Erpnext
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License: AGPL v3 Build Status Docker Automated buid Docker Pulls

ERPNext Docker container

🐳 Docker image for ERPNext.

This image was inspired by several other containers developed by the community:

The concept is the following:

  • no need to provide any configuration file: everything will be automatically generated by the container through environnment variables
  • the application container sets all the environment variables, the other containers wait for setup to be done
  • provide postgresql compatibility

Check base image Monogramm/docker-frappe for details.

Check image Monogramm/docker-erpnext-ext to see how to expand this image and add custom frappe apps.

What is ERPNext ?

Open Source ERP built for the web.

github erpnext

Supported tags

  • 13.5.0-debian 13.5-debian 13-debian debian (images/13/debian/Dockerfile)
  • 13.5.0-debian-slim 13.5-debian-slim 13-debian-slim debian-slim (images/13/debian-slim/Dockerfile)
  • 13.5.0-alpine 13.5-alpine 13-alpine alpine 13.5.0 13.5 13 latest (images/13/alpine/Dockerfile)
  • 12.22.0-debian 12.22-debian 12-debian (images/12/debian/Dockerfile)
  • 12.22.0-debian-slim 12.22-debian-slim 12-debian-slim (images/12/debian-slim/Dockerfile)
  • 12.22.0-alpine 12.22-alpine 12-alpine 12.22.0 12.22 12 (images/12/alpine/Dockerfile)
  • version-11-hotfix-debian 11.x-debian 11-debian (images/11/debian/Dockerfile)
  • version-11-hotfix-debian-slim 11.x-debian-slim 11-debian-slim (images/11/debian-slim/Dockerfile)
  • version-11-hotfix-alpine 11.x-alpine 11-alpine version-11-hotfix 11.x 11 (images/11/alpine/Dockerfile)
  • develop-debian (images/develop/debian/Dockerfile)
  • develop-debian-slim (images/develop/debian-slim/Dockerfile)
  • develop-alpine develop (images/develop/alpine/Dockerfile)

How to run this image ?

This image does not contain the database for ERPNext. You need to use either an existing database or a database container.

This image is designed to be used in a micro-service environment using docker-compose. There are basically 2 variants of the image you can choose from: alpine or debian.

Running this image with docker-compose

  • Select the version closest to what you want in the images folder
    • In the docker-compose.yml, you can comment the build lines, uncomment the image lines and edit versions to download prebuilt docker container.
  • Feel free to edit variables defined in .env as you see fit.
  • Run the docker-compose with docker-compose up -d and that's it.
  • Now, go to http://localhost:80 to access the first run installation wizard.

Questions / Issues

If you got any questions or problems using the image, please visit our Github Repository and write an issue.


A list of a few issues encountered during the development of this container for future reference:

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