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GraphQL-Server is a base library that serves as a helper for building GraphQL servers or integrations into existing web frameworks using GraphQL-Core.

Integrations built with GraphQL-Server

Server integration Docs
Flask flask
Sanic sanic
AIOHTTP aiohttp
WebOb (Pyramid, TurboGears) webob

Other integrations built with GraphQL-Server

Server integration Package
WSGI wsgi-graphql
Responder responder.ext.graphql

Other integrations using GraphQL-Core or Graphene

Server integration Package
Django graphene-django


The graphql_server package provides these public helper functions:

  • run_http_query
  • encode_execution_results
  • load_json_body
  • json_encode
  • json_encode_pretty

NOTE: the json_encode_pretty is kept as backward compatibility change as it uses json_encode with pretty parameter set to True.

All functions in the package are annotated with type hints and docstrings, and you can build HTML documentation from these using bin/build_docs.

You can also use one of the existing integrations listed above as blueprint to build your own integration or GraphQL server implementations.

Please let us know when you have built something new, so we can list it here.



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