Beginners C Program Examples

Simple, Short and Sweet beginners friendly C language programs
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Acm Icpc Algorithms1,433
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Algorithms used in Competitive Programming
Competitive Programming518
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A one-stop Destination✏️ for all your Competitive Programming Resources.📗📕 Refer for contributions
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:books: Fundamental programming with ruby examples and references. It covers threads, SOLID principles, design patterns, data structures, algorithms. Books for reading. Repo for website
Beginners C Program Examples365
2 months ago11mitC
Simple, Short and Sweet beginners friendly C language programs
Ultimate Java Resources213
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Java programming. All in one Java Resource for learning. Updated every day and up to date. All Algorithms and DS along with Development in Java. Beginner to Advanced. Join the Discord link.
Data Structures And Algorithms In Java 2nd Edition By Robert Lafore142
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Solutions of Data Structures and Algorithms in Java 2nd Edition by Robert Lafore. Adding practice problems and solutions.
4 years ago1mitC++
Hayate-Shiki is an improved merge sort algorithm with the goal of "faster than quick sort".
Algorithmic Programming19
4 months ago1mitJava
Algorithmic Programming Exercises
5 years agomitC++
A repository of neat algorithms and data structures with details on how to implement them and why they're useful.
2 years agomitJavaScript
Repository that contains the solutions to programming problems at different online programming websites
Alternatives To Beginners C Program Examples
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Beginners C Program Examples

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Simple, short and sweet beginners friendly C language programs

These program are written in codeblocks ide for windows. These programs are not very sophisticated as these are beginners friendly and have many bugs. Anyone who is new to c language can practice these examples.

  • Only programs written in c language will be merged.
  • Beautify/Format your code before making a PR. Poorly stuctured code with inconsistent spacing and bad variable name will not be merged.
  • Use this tool to beautify your code :
  • Make sure your program works after beautifying it.
  • #include< stdio.h > is wrong and you must remove whitespaces. #include<stdio.h> is correct.
  • Please check your spellings before making a PR
  • Comment code properly.

alt text

List of programs


This is a personal learning project for me.

Please feel free to fork this repo. Pull request to submit more programs.

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