Repository that contains the solutions to programming problems at different online programming websites
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Competitive Programming518
5 months ago2C++
A one-stop Destination✏️ for all your Competitive Programming Resources.📗📕 Refer for contributions
13 days ago1C++
A completely free course on data structures , algorithms and competitive programming.
Vworkflows25923a year ago8February 27, 202117otherJava
Flow Visualization Library for JavaFX and VRL-Studio
Coderchef Kitchen224
4 years ago6Python
The official repository for our programming kitchen which consists of 50+ delicious programming recipes having all the interesting ingredients ranging from dynamic programming, graph theory, linked lists and much more. All the articles contain beautiful images and some gif/video at times to help clear important concepts.
Coding Ninjas Competitive206
a year ago6C++
This will have all the solutions to the competitive programming course's problems by Coding ninjas. Star the repo if you like it.
Phpflo203656 years ago7March 31, 20175mitPHP
Flow-based programming for PHP
Programming Languages Influence176
a year agoPython
Code to retrieve data for the programming languages influence visualizations from Freebase
8 days ago3mitJavaScript
A graph of programming languages connected through compilers.
a year ago17July 09, 202214mitPython
Very simple flow-based programming framework.
Data Structures And Algorithms In Java 2nd Edition By Robert Lafore142
2 years ago4Java
Solutions of Data Structures and Algorithms in Java 2nd Edition by Robert Lafore. Adding practice problems and solutions.
Alternatives To Programming_solutions
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Programming Solutions

This repository contains my solutions to classic programming problems and problems solved at different online programming websites such as Hacker Rank, Codility, LeetCode and courses


This MIT free course covers some of the most common algorithms and data structures. It assumes that you can write code in any programming language. I suggest you to watch the video and before looking at the implementation, try it yourself. Afterwards, you can compare your solution to the teacher's solution and see where you could have improved it.

Websites where you can study

Want to try an environment that simulates a real interview ? Coderpad is a tool being used by multiple companies to apply algorithmic challenges to the candidates. Even though, in some ocasions you're not allowed to run your code.

Topics that should be covered

Category Topic Name Link
Search Binary Search
Sorting Insertion Sort
Sorting Selection Sort
Sorting Radix Sort
Sorting Quick Sort
Sorting Merge Sort
Sorting Heap Sort
Sorting Tim Sort
Algorithmic Design Backtracking
Algorithmic Design Divide and Conquer
Algorithmic Design Dynamic Programming
Algorithmic Design Greedy Algorithms
Algorithmic Design Recursion
Data Structure Array
Data Structure Stack
Data Structure Queue
Data Structure LinkedList
Data Structure Tree
Data Structure Binary Tree
Data Structure Binary Search Tree
Data Structure AVL Tree
Data Structure HashMap
Data Structure HashSet
Data Structure Disjoint Set
Data Structure Heap
Data Structure Graph
Data Structure Trie
Data Structure Treap
Mathematics Probability Theory
Mathematics Combinatorics
Mathematics Permutations
Mathematics Summation
Mathematics GCD
Graph focused DFS
Graph focused BFS
Graph focused Distance
Graph focused Connectivity
Graph focused Cycle Detection DAG
Graph focused Cycle Detection
Graph focused Traversal
Graph focused Representation Maps, Adajcency List, Matrix, Graph Objects

Extend this list

If you feel that there's an important topic that should be added, feel free to create pull request.

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