Schema and utilities for Google Dataset Publishing Language
Alternatives To Dspl
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Datasette7,2713513015 hours ago120May 02, 2022492apache-2.0Python
An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data
Science On Schema.org91
2 months ago79apache-2.0Python
science-on-schema.org - providing guidance for publishing schema.org as JSON-LD for the sciences
4 months ago49mitJava
Desktop / Console application for updating Socrata datasets automatically.
8 years ago4March 18, 201512Go
package manager for datasets
Git Rdm32
5 years agomitPython
A research data management plugin for the Git version control system.
2 years ago5bsd-3-clausePython
Schema and utilities for Google Dataset Publishing Language
4 years ago2gpl-3.0Python
PyRDM is a Python-based library for research data management (RDM). It facilitates the automated publication of scientific software and associated input and output data.
Data Mobilization6
5 years ago151apache-2.0
For capturing and discussing potential datasets suitable for publishing to GBIF
Azlyrics Scraper4
3 years agomitPython
🎵 AZLyrics scraper for getting all the song lyrics and publishing to Box (+148k songs)
5 years ago1Python
Protecting Anonymity in Publishing Building Related Datasets
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Dataset Publishing Language


DSPL stands for Dataset Publishing Language. It is a representation format for both the metadata (information about the dataset, such as its name and provider, as well as the concepts it contains and displays) and actual data (the numbers) of datasets. Datasets described in this format can be imported into the Google Public Data Explorer, a tool that allows for rich, visual exploration of the data.

This site hosts miscellaneous, open source content (i.e., schemas, example files, and utilities) associated with the DSPL standard. See our documentation site for more details on what DSPL is and how to use it. The utilities in this repository are documented at this site.

Build and install

To build the tools, install lxml, then use the setup.py script in tools/dspltools/. You can use pip to install these:

pip install -r tools/dspltools/requirements.txt
pip install tools/dspltools


The draft of the DSPL 2 specification, which replaces the existing XML metadata format with schema.org markup, can be found at the DSPL GitHub page. The source for the specification is at docs/dspl2-spec.md.

Some initial library and tool support is available in tools/dspl2

Build and install

To build the tools, install the prerequisites, then use the setup.py script in tools/dspl2/. You can use pip to install these:

pip install -r tools/dspl2/requirements.txt
pip install tools/dspl2
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