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Android FHIR SDK (Early Access) master codecov

The Android FHIR SDK (the SDK) is an Android library for building offline-capable, mobile-first healthcare applications using FHIR resources on Android. The overall goal is to simplify the process of incorporating support for FHIR into new or existing mobile solutions and to accelerate the adoption of FHIR standards as part of broader interoperability efforts in healthcare.


This is currently in Early Access for Developers ONLY and is NOT production-ready. Do NOT use in production.


The SDK is designed to support Android 21 (lollipop) and above. Android Studio 4.0 is required for Java 8 library desugaring.


The repository is organised into two main libraries, engine and structured data capture.

FHIR engine library Google Maven

This is the main library for building a mobile based clinical data repository using FHIR. It provides:

  • SQLite database for FHIR resources
  • APIs for accessing (create, read, update, and delete) FHIR resources in the database
  • APIs for searching FHIR resources in the database
  • Sync API for synchronization of resources with a FHIR server

To use this library in your Android application, see FHIR Engine Library User's Guide.

Structured data capture (SDC) library Google Maven

This library is a partial implementation of the Structured Data Capture FHIR IG on Android. It includes the UI components and APIs to capture healthcare data using FHIR questionnaires.

To use this library in your Android application, see Structured Data Capture Library User's Guide.

Sample Applications

Two sample applications are provided that demonstrate different features of the SDK.

These applications are provided for demonstration purposes only and are not for use in production. Do NOT use in production.

Reference Application

This is the initial demo application for showcasing core SDK features and CQL proof of concept. The demo uses synthea generated data that has been loaded into the HAPI FHIR server public demo site.

To run this application, clone the codebase and run the reference module.

SDC Gallery App

This app includes a number of pre-loaded sample FHIR Questionnaires.

It uses the SDC library to create data capture forms using FHIR questionnaires. For supported widgets, features and known bugs, see the latest release notes.

To run this application, clone the codebase and run the datacapturegallery module.


The SDK is being developed by a consortium of application developers. We welcome contributions. Please see How to Contribute and Developer's Guide for more information.


If you want to provide any feedback, discuss use cases, raise feature requests, or simply want to get involved, please use the Discussions section, or email us at [email protected].


This is not an officially supported Google product.

This product is not intended to be a medical device.

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