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A Web Artisan list of categorized OPEN SOURCE PROJECTS built with Laravel PHP Framework. This repository includes a comprehensive and unlimited list of open source projects built with Laravel for Newbies to the framework or for exploration by any web artisan. Enjoy Pushing Codes!!!


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Project Name Description Credit
Akaunting[P] Free and Online accounting software. Manage your money. Get invoices paid. Track expenses. akaunting
Laravel-AdaptCMS[P] AdaptCMS is an open source CMS that is made for complete control of your website, easiness of use and easily adaptable to any type of website. adaptcms
Laravel-Apiato[P] apiato is a flawless framework for building scalable and testable API-Centric Applications with PHP. apiato
Laravel-Auth [P] Laravel 5.2 with user authentication, registration with email confirmation, social media authentication, password recovery, and captcha protection. jeremykenedy
laravel-admin [P] A Laravel 5.2.x, Bootstrap 3.5.x, and AdminLTE 2.3.x. project. jeremykenedy
Laravel Angular Time Tracker [P] Laravel Angular Time Tracker is a simple time tracking application built on Laravel 5.2, Angular 2, and Bootstrap 3. It uses Laravel's built in Auhentication, MySQL, Angular Bootstrap 1.3., Angular Resource 1.5. ngResource, jQuery 2.2.4 and Moment.js 2.13.* jeremykenedy


Project Name Description Credit
BlogEtc [P] Blog system for your laravel app (includes admin backend for managing posts). All views, controllers, routes, models, etc are included, and there are many config options for managing your blog. webdevetc
LaraBug [P] Error reporting tool for Laravel cannonb4ll
Laravel-Backpack [P] Backpack helps you build custom admin panels 10x faster. Laravel-Backpack
Laravel Boilerplate [P] This project is to be served as a basis for a fully fledged web application, it is constantly evolving and has many contributors rappasoft
Laravel Browser Notification [P] Notify alert boxes to the browser with sound and font awesome icons and give it a timeout to fly out. Works great to notify the user after a successfull action (CRUD). Flash the information from Laravel or create multiple from javascript. bpocallaghan
Laravel Backbone-Todo-MVC [T] Using Laravel 3 and Backbone.js framework for simple To-do manager msurguy
Laravel Backbone-Pagination [T] Awesome in-place pagination using Laravel + Backbone, also a tutorial msurguy


Project Name Description Credit
Cachet [P] Cachet is a beautiful and powerful open source status page system. CachetHQ
Laravel Church Sermons App [P] Make your sermons available for members. dameety padosoft
Cookbook Webapp [P] Cookbook Webapp to manage your recipes like a chef ammannbe
Laravel Corcel [P] Laravel is the most used PHP framework, and WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. If you want to have both sides in a unique application just use Corcel. You can create your administration panel using WordPress, with users, custom fields, custom post types, etc, but getting all the information inside your Laravel app, with custom models reading directly from the WordPress database. corcel
Laravel Critter App [T] Application that resembles Twitter-like functionality msurguy
Laravel Cloudinary App [T] Demo application and tutorial on how you can build a file or image upload module using Laravel and Cloudinary dotunj


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Doptor CMS & EMS[P] Business Application platform Doptor CMS & EMS Doptor
Laravel DClassifieds [P] DClassifieds Free Classifieds Script is free open source classifieds script based on Laravel 5.2 framework. gdinko
Dusk Interactive [P] Dusk Interactive is a CLI package for Laravel Dusk. It makes selecting specific tests easier. laracademy
Directory Manager [P] Directory Manager is a web-based management portal for Active Directory administrators. damcclean


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Exception Notifier Laravel exception notifier will send an email of the error along with the stack trace to the chosen recipients. This Package includes all necessary traits, views, configs, and Mailers for email notifications upon your applications exceptions. You can customize who send to, cc to, bcc to, enable/disable, and custom subject or default subject based on environment. Built for Laravel 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4+. jeremykenedy


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel-facebook-login [T] Tutorial and demo app for Integrating "Login with Facebook" in a Laravel application msurguy
Laravel File Generators [P] Custom Laravel 5 File Generators with a config file and publishable stubs. You can create new stubs and it in the config. bpocallaghan
Laravel Flarum [P] Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. It's simple, fast, and free. flarum
Laravel-Flyer-Generator [T] A flyer generator with AJAX upload msurguy
Laravel Flash Alert [P] A helper package to flash a bootstrap alert to the browser via a Facade or a helper function. bpocallaghan
Laravel FTP [P] A FTP helper package for Laravel cannonb4ll


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Game of Tests [P] The Game of Tests works by scanning Git repositories and scanning for known test files. It uses Git blame to attribute tests to developers. You can update through multiple artisan commands for Github, bare directories, or single repositories. swisnl
Laravel GitScrum [P] GitScrum with the GPLv3 license in Github, I invite everyone to participate. GitScrum is developed with Laravel 5.3 and is intended to be an application to help teams use Git version control and the Scrum framework with support for daily task management. renatomarinho
Goodwork [P] Self hosted project management and collaboration tool hasnayeen


Project Name Description Credit
LaraHack [P] Administration system for Hackathons CSE


Project Name Description Credit
Interactive Make [P] Interactive make is a CLI package for the command php artisan make laracademy
Laravel Invoice Ninja [P] Invoice Ninja is a free, open-source solution for invoicing and billing customers. With Invoice Ninja, you can easily build and send beautiful invoices from any device that has access to the web. Your clients can print your invoices, download them as pdf files, and even pay you online from within the system. invoiceninja
InfyOm Laravel Generator [P] Laravel API and CRUD Generator for AdminLTE and CoreUI themes along with repository pattern and unit tests. infyomlabs


Project Name Description Credit


Project Name Description Credit


Project Name Description Credit
LaraAdmin [P] LaraAdmin is a Open source Laravel Admin Panel / CMS which can be used as Admin Backend, Data Management Tool or CRM boilerplate for Laravel and saves at least 40% of development time over Admin Panels. dwijitsolutions
Larablog[P] A powerful Laravel CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) blog built on Laravel 5.1 and Bootstrap 3.5.x jeremykenedy
Laracademy Generators [P] Laracademy Generators is a package that will generate models based on your database table(s). Laracademy
Laracogs [P] Laracogs is a package which can be added to any Laravel 5.1+ app which comes with a handful of commands and helpers to speed up your app development. Laracogs comes with a clean cut starter kit to initialize your app with authentication, admins, teams and all their views. Yabhq
Laravel Enterprise Starter Kit (LESK) [P] A flexible and expandable application template based on Laravel LTS with a feature set tailor made for any enterprise Web application. LeskHQ
Laravel Library Management System [P] An automated system to manage a public library. Admin panel for librarians to control and manage the system easily through an interactive interface. prabhakar267
Laravel Log Viewer [P] A log viewer for Laravel. rap2hpoutre
Laravel Podcast [P] Built on Laravel 5.3, Bootstrap 3.6, and easily customizable with SASS. Change the entire theme with by the single color variable $baseThemeColor listed in /resources/assets/sass/_variables.scss and make it your customized version instantly. Includes form input validation, error handling, routing, ajax forms, configured gulpfile, and more. jeremykenedy
Laravel-linkedin-login [T] Pulling user info from LinkedIn in Laravel, comes with a demo and a tutorial msurguy


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Microweber CMS [P] Drag and Drop CMS and online shop microweber
Laravel Mobilizator [P] Mobilize crowds efficiently. Allow anyone to create a collaborative group. No admins involved in the process. Manage communication, decision making, membership, files and events. philippejadin
Maxtradeoptions [P] Platform for binary options trading featuring basic CRUD, custom notifications, chart and Administration IamWebwiz
Multi-Domain Laravel App [T] An example of multi-domain/subdomain app built on Laravel. MaxKostinevich


Project Name Description Credit
laravel-Nerds[T] A Laravel 5.1 ORM example with Nerds as users jeremykenedy
laravel-newsletter[P] Laravel Newsletter gives you the possibility to send a newsletter with use of an external email driver like MailGun. NathanGeerinck
Laravel Newsletter Manager [P] Newsletter manager is application to manage templates, subscribers, and newsletter built with Laravel Framework. This application using built-in features by Laravel like as Scout and Mail Queue, etc. arvernester


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel-October CMS October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. A simple and modular CMS that grows with you, with a precise and beautiful interface that comes as second nature. octobercms
Laravel-Opus As companies grow, it becomes difficult to manage and communicate the knowledge across different departments, Opus acts as a single source of truth; a go-to place for the employees to get knowledge. It gives enterprises the power to create anything and everything; from meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, technical documentations, orchestrate processes, work-flows and more. zeeshanu
Laravel-OrgManager[P] A Github Organization Invite Generator build using Laravel orgmanager
Laravel-Orchid[P] Orchid PHP is an application that allows you to** quickly write simple** but powerful websites and applications. The main emphasis is on rapid prototyping and different content. TheOrchid
Laravel-Origin CMS Origin CMS for Laravel 5.2.* to kickstart your web applications. akhileshdarjee


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Passport IIS [P] Laravel Passport Customized for Windows IIS Support jeremykenedy
Laravel PHP Map [P] PHPMap is an interactive map of PHP-Developers around the world. You will be able to organize meetups & usergroups. work on projects together with developers around you or simply have a look, who´s next to you. PHPMap
Laravel Podcast Manager[P] Laravel Podcast Manager is a complete podcast manager package for Laravel 5.3+ that enables you to manage RSS feeds for your favorite podcasts and listen to the episodes in a seamless UI. jeremykenedy
Laravel Property Bag [P] Easily add a property bag to any Laravel model to store model options and settings. zachleigh
Laravel-push-notification [P] Push Notifications using Laravel webelightdev
Lumen Portfolio [P] Personal portfolio website using Lumen FaZeRs


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel-Quiz [P] It is a demo project for demonstrating what can be generated with QuickAdminPanel tool. LaraQuiz was mostly generated with QuickAdmin except for some custom code.It's an open-source version of online Laravel quiz at - but the system can be used for any quiz project, you just fill in different topics and questions. LaravelDaily
Laravel-QuestionAnswer [P] Vote based Question & Answer site built using Laravel 5.4, material design, x-editable and jQuery Upvote with email and database notifications. TheRealJAG


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel-ReadMarvel[P] ReadMarvel is a fan made website. It is built entirely on Laravel 5. All data is provided by Marvel through their public Marvel API. ivan-atanasov
laravel-robots-txt [P] Laravel 5.x helpers for a semi-automated robots.txt and meta tags owenmelbz
Laravel Roles[P] A Powerful package for handling roles and permissions in Laravel 5.4 jeremykenedy
Laravel Resource Controllers[T] Demo application and a tutorial for performing crud operations using resource controllers dotunj


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel SEO [T] Demo application for an admin panel and a solution for managing SEO content, also with a tutorial msurguy
Laravel-shareable-models[P] Create shareable links from your eloquent models sassnowski
Laravel Shila Backend [P] This is a laravel shopping cart cms with stripe payment gateway integration. This project has role and permission creation option with page, post and product adding functionality. You can see list of orders also can refund orders. itobuz
Laravel Shop-Menu [T] Drag and Drop Menu manager like Wordpress, tutorial being written msurguy
Laravel Skeleton [P] Laravel Skeleton Application rdehnhardt
Laravel Smart Search [T] Demo application and a tutorial for nice search with autocomplete msurguy
Laravel-Snipe-IT[P] Snipe-IT is a free, open source Laravel project that makes managing IT assets easy. snipe
Laravel Support Ticket [P] A support ticket application built using the Laravel framework. ammezie
Staff Management System [P] A little something to help manage your company's staff database 💖. IamWebwiz


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Talk Talk is a Laravel 5 based user conversation (inbox) system with realtime messaging nahid
Laravel-Tasks[T] An app of tasks lists for each individual user. Built on Laravel 5.2, using 5.2 authentication and middleware. This has robust verbose examples using Laravel best practices. jeremykenedy
Laravel Tech Detector[P] The goal of Technology Detector is to help web developers, Security researchers, Domain Buyers and web designers find out what technologies web pages are using which might help them to decide what technologies to implement themselves.This application can track country, state, city, latitude and longitude of an IP address. ppshobi
Laravel-Themevel Themevel is a Laravel 5 theme and asset management package. You can easily integrate this package with any Laravel based project. Shipu
Laravel-Timegrid [P] Timegrid helps contractors and customers to find the perfect meeting time through online appointments. timegridio
Laravel-translate[P] Translate system for laravel project vortgo


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Users [P] A Users Management Package that includes all necessary routes, views, models, and controllers for a user management dashboard and associated pages for managing Laravels built in user scaffolding. Built for Laravel 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4+. jeremykenedy


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Voyager [P] Voyager is a Laravel Admin package. With Voyager you can have an Admin setup for your laravel application in seconds. Voyager is fully extendible and it has a beautiful User Interface. the-control-group


Project Name Description Credit


Project Name Description Credit


Project Name Description Credit


Project Name Description Credit
Laravel Zero[P] Laravel Zero provides an elegant starting point for your next Laravel Console Application nunomaduro


Are you crazy about making easy for newbies and other web artisans to easily get a comprehensive list of laravel open source projects? If yes,you can fork this repository, contribute and submit a pull request or send a mail to [email protected]. I will really love it.


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