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Welcome to GloboDNS

GloboDNS is a Ruby on Rails application designed to manage domain name services based on Bind with a RESTful API and using MySQL as persistent storage backend. The project is an adaptation of PowerDNS-on-rails developed by Kenneth Kalmer plus some features like UI, job queue and Bind specific importation script.


The GloboDNS was designed to work with Bind in a passive way. Once you've configured the primary and slaves servers, database and executed the first importation of your records, all work is done between the application and the DB . Then all files are exported via Rsync tool to the Bind server(s) and any command is issued with Rndc utility.

Below: Some screenshots from the admin user.

image1: Show domain details

Add a new domain form

image2: add a new domain

Add a new domain form

image3: add a new record

Add a new record

image4: Listing lasts operations on Dns-Api

Listing lasts actions on Dns-Api


With multiple levels of privilege, we can ensure that a specific user is able to perform only specific tasks.


All actions are validated to prevent bad records or other undesirable human mistakes.


The UI provides a simplier way to manage the service.


RESTful architecture
Multi-user with groups of privilege
Asychronous and synchronous tasks modes
Conversion and import tools
Zone/Record Templates
Full audit record of all changes
Macros for easy bulk updating of domains
Support for Bind MASTER, NATIVE & SLAVE record types



Setup your environment

Administrator's Guide


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