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I hate someone stealing my ideas and code.


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packer.use {'glepnir/dashboard-nvim'}


local db = require('dashboard')
db.custom_header  -- type can be nil,table or function(must be return table in function)
                  -- if not config will use default banner
db.custom_center  -- table type and in this table you can set icon,desc,shortcut,action keywords. desc must be exist and type is string
                  -- icon type is nil or string
                  -- icon_hl table type { fg ,bg} see `:h vim.api.nvim_set_hl` opts
                  -- shortcut type is nil or string also like icon
                  -- action type can be string or function or nil.
                  -- if you don't need any one of icon shortcut action ,you can ignore it.
db.custom_footer  -- type can be nil,table or function(must be return table in function)
db.preview_file_Path    -- string or function type that mean in function you can dynamic generate height width
db.preview_file_height  -- number type
db.preview_file_width   -- number type
db.preview_command      -- string type (can be ueberzug which only work in linux)
db.confirm_key          -- string type key that do confirm in center select
db.hide_statusline      -- boolean default is will hide statusline in dashboard buffer and auto open in other buffer
db.hide_tabline         -- boolean default is will hide tabline in dashboard buffer and auto open in other buffer
db.session_directory    -- string type the directory to store the session file
db.header_pad           -- number type default is 1
db.center_pad           -- number type default is 1
db.footer_pad           -- number type default is 1

-- example of db.custom_center for new lua coder,the value of nil mean if you
-- don't need this filed you can not write it
db.custom_center = {
  {icon_hl={fg="color_code"},icon ="some icon",desc="some desc"} --correct
  { icon = 'some icon' desc = 'some description here' } --correct if you don't action filed
  { desc = 'some description here' }                    --correct if you don't action and icon filed
  { desc = 'some description here' action = 'Telescope find files'} --correct if you don't icon filed

-- Highlight Group
DashboardHeader DashboardCenter DashboardShortCut DashboardFooter

-- Command

DashboardNewFile  -- if you like use `enew` to create file,Please use this command,it's wrap enew and restore the statsuline and tabline

Ascii Header Examples

I've collected some header texts in the wiki. You can view previews of them here.

And you can use the nv-dashboard-header-maker thanks the xflea create it.


  1. How to achieve the dashboard like in the screenshot?

You need install lolcat and pass it this Ascii logo (Thanks @sunjon, which you can find here).

  local home = os.getenv('HOME')
  local db = require('dashboard')
  -- macos
  db.preview_command = 'cat | lolcat -F 0.3'
  -- linux
  db.preview_command = 'ueberzug'
  db.preview_file_path = home .. '/.config/nvim/static/'
  db.preview_file_height = 11
  db.preview_file_width = 70
  db.custom_center = {
      {icon = '  ',
      desc = 'Recently latest session                  ',
      shortcut = 'SPC s l',
      action ='SessionLoad'},
      {icon = '  ',
      desc = 'Recently opened files                   ',
      action =  'DashboardFindHistory',
      shortcut = 'SPC f h'},
      {icon = '  ',
      desc = 'Find  File                              ',
      action = 'Telescope find_files find_command=rg,--hidden,--files',
      shortcut = 'SPC f f'},
      {icon = '  ',
      desc ='File Browser                            ',
      action =  'Telescope file_browser',
      shortcut = 'SPC f b'},
      {icon = '  ',
      desc = 'Find  word                              ',
      action = 'Telescope live_grep',
      shortcut = 'SPC f w'},
      {icon = '  ',
      desc = 'Open Personal dotfiles                  ',
      action = 'Telescope dotfiles path=' .. home ..'/.dotfiles',
      shortcut = 'SPC f d'},
  1. How to work with indentLine or whitespace plugin alike?

If you installed some indentline plugin. you need to set it to ignore the filetype dashboard. For example:

" For 'Yggdroot/indentLine' and 'lukas-reineke/indent-blankline.nvim' "
let g:indentLine_fileTypeExclude = ['dashboard']
" For 'ntpeters/vim-better-whitespace' "
let g:better_whitespace_filetypes_blacklist = ['dashboard']

Or in a plugins.lua config context:

use {
  config = function()
    require("indent_blankline").setup { filetype_exclude = { "dashboard" }


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