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Python scripts for deploying Earth Engine Apps to heroku, try it out:

How to deploy your own Earth Engine Apps?

  • Sign up for a free heroku account.
  • Follow the instructions to install Git and Heroku Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Authenticate heroku using the heroku login command.
  • Clone this repository:
  • Create your own Earth Engine notebook and put it under the notebooks directory.
  • Add Python dependencies in the requirements.txt file if needed.
  • Edit the Procfile file by replacing notebooks/geemap.ipynb with the path to your own notebook.
  • Commit changes to the repository by using git add . && git commit -am "message".
  • Create a heroku app: heroku create
  • Run the script to extract Earth Engine token from your computer and set it as an environment variable on heroku: python
  • Deploy your code to heroku: git push heroku master
  • Open your heroku app: heroku open

Optional steps

  • To specify a name for your app, use heroku apps:create example
  • To preview your app locally, use heroku local web
  • To hide code cells from your app, you can edit the Procfile file and set --strip_sources=True
  • To periodically check for idle kernels, you can edit the Procfile file and set --MappingKernelManager.cull_interval=60 --MappingKernelManager.cull_idle_timeout=120
  • To view information about your running app, use heroku logs --tail
  • To set an environment variable on heroku, use heroku config:set NAME=VALUE
  • To view environment variables for your app, use heroku config


The instructions above on how to deploy a voila application on heroku are adapted from voila-dashboards/voila-heroku.

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