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PriorityNav is a pure javascript plugin that will move your menu items if they don't fit its parent.

Vue.js version here.

Priority Navigation demo

Take a look at the Demo site.


  • Accessible
    Adds appropriate aria attributes and set focus to links when needed.
  • No dependencies
    The plugin is written in pure javascript making it fast and lean.
  • Breakpoint
    When the breakpoint has been reached the plugin will automaticly move all items to the dropdown & change the toggle label to navDropdownBreakpointLabel.
  • Smart calculation of available space
    It automatically looks for the main navigation's siblings and calculates remaining space.
  • Flexible
    Because of the point above you can have multiple inline-block/flexbox items on the same level.
  • Non obstructive menu dropdown
    The dropdown menu can be closed by clicking outside and pressing escape.
  • Callbacks
    Callbacks are fired when an item is moved or moved back from the main navigation.


Load plugin files

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="priority-nav-core.css">

    <script async src="priority-nav.js"></script>

Call plugin without any options.

var nav = priorityNav.init();

Ideal html structure

    <ul> <- needs to be inline-block
        <li>menu item</li>
        <li>menu item</li>
        <li>menu item</li>
        <li>menu item</li>


initClass:                  "js-priorityNav", // Class that will be printed on html element to allow conditional css styling.
mainNavWrapper:             "nav", // mainnav wrapper selector (must be direct parent from mainNav)
mainNav:                    "ul", // mainnav selector. (must be inline-block)
navDropdownClassName:       "nav__dropdown", // class used for the dropdown - this is a class name, not a selector.
navDropdownToggleClassName: "nav__dropdown-toggle", // class used for the dropdown toggle - this is a class name, not a selector.
navDropdownLabel:           "more", // Text that is used for the dropdown toggle.
navDropdownBreakpointLabel: "menu", //button label for navDropdownToggle when the breakPoint is reached.
breakPoint:                 500, //amount of pixels when all menu items should be moved to dropdown to simulate a mobile menu
throttleDelay:              50, // this will throttle the calculating logic on resize because i'm a responsible dev.
offsetPixels:               0, // increase to decrease the time it takes to move an item.
count:                      true, // prints the amount of items are moved to the attribute data-count to style with css counter.

moved: function () {}, // executed when item is moved to dropdown
movedBack: function () {} // executed when item is moved back to main menu

Package managers

  • npm: npm install --save priority-nav
  • bower: bower install priority-nav.js

Building the source files

#cloning repository
git clone
cd priority-navigation

npm install

#build files to dist folder
grunt build

IE9 Support

To support Internet Explorer 9 and lower classList.js must be added your page.

<!--[if lt IE 9]><script src=""></script><![endif]-->

IE8 Support

To support Internet Explorer 8, es5-shim and classList.js from above must be added your page.

<!--[if lt IE 9]><script src=""></script><![endif]-->


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