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GXAudioVisualisation (GxAV) - Generate Audio Visualization in Blender! User manual on the wiki - Check promotion video!

21.08.2014 - 1.0 STABLE \o/

  • 'Tercja bake engine' has been fully implemented, many thanks to Xevaquor for module!
  • again small gui improvements :v
  • that's all folks, patches are welcome

09.08.2014 - 0.99v RC4

  • Gui improvements
  • removed "freq debug"
  • 'Tercja' still isn't implemented :VVV, try to work on it

30.07.2014 - 0.99v RC3

  • added bake progress information
  • added 'slash' feature
  • 'Tercja' is not yet fully implemented :v

26.07.2014 - 0.99v RC2

  • all known bugs has been fixed \o/
  • added box of 'Bake sound to F-Curves' variables
  • Next targets:

25.07.2014 - 0.99v RC1

  • few bugs has been repaired
  • added new 2 visualisation mode (object, center object)
  • code optimilisations
  • improved panel usability

25.07.2014 - 0.93v beta

  • added 'freq info' feature (for debug)
  • a little bit change in panel (and usability, now you don't need to press "init variables" anymore, yay \o/

24.07.2014 - 0.92v beta

22.07.2014 - 0.91v beta

  • reorganized panel
  • added Logarithm bake mode (and choose list in panel)
  • min/max freq works well
  • still a little bit buggy, chaos in the code
  • check wiki for using guide

21.07.2014 - 0.9v beta

  • initial version of new, re-writed script (very basic features)
  • now script can be loaded as addon (acces by properties_window>scene)
  • dynamicly changing variables and immediately see results
  • script need more features and many optimizations (coming soon)

11.02.2014 - 0.5v

  • added 2 vis-modes - cube_scale and center_cube_scale
  • added "debug mode" - additional emptys with frequency in names
  • added PANEL!!!! sadfsjfhasfgdsagfagsfjhsfjas

Unknown Date

NOTES: script still must be run in text editor, no addon-mode yet, agrh (api change, bpy.context restrictions safsfsfa) I was fighting with it so long… I lose my coding power (my coding power never exist).


  • Create GitWiki

faaaaaaar future:

  • make script as dynamic, change variables refreshing 3d_view
  • cycles/internal material create (with fancy options \o/)
  • more visualisation options! MORE MORE MORE, still far future.

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