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Loafer is an asynchronous message dispatcher for concurrent tasks processing.

Currently, only AWS SQS is supported


  • Encourages decoupling from message providers and consumers
  • Easy to extend and customize
  • Easy error handling, including integration with sentry
  • Easy to create one or multiple services
  • Generic Handlers
  • Amazon SQS integration

It requires Python 3.6+ and is very experimental at the moment, expect a lot of changes until the first major version.


A simple message forwader, from ``source-queue`` to ``destination-queue``:

.. code:: python

    from import SQSHandler
    from import SQSRoute
    from loafer.managers import LoaferManager

    routes = [
        SQSRoute('source-queue', handler=SQSHandler('destination-queue')),

    if __name__ == '__main__':
        manager = LoaferManager(routes)


Check out the latest Loafer full documentation at Read the Docs_ website.

.. _Read the Docs:

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