Checks if a minecraft player has a valid paid account. If so, they can skip offline authentication automatically. (premium auto login)
Alternatives To Fastlogin
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Checks if a minecraft player has a valid paid account. If so, they can skip offline authentication automatically. (premium auto login)
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Devise plugin for Facebook OAuth2 Graph login using fbgraph
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Alternatives To Fastlogin
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Checks if a Minecraft player has a paid account (premium). If so, they can skip offline authentication (auth plugins). So they don't need to enter passwords. This is also called auto login (auto-login).


  • Detect paid accounts from others
  • Automatically login paid accounts (premium)
  • Support various of auth plugins
  • Cauldron support
  • Forge/Sponge message support
  • Premium UUID support
  • Forward skins
  • Detect username changed and will update the existing database record
  • BungeeCord support
  • Auto register new premium players
  • Plugin: ProtocolSupport is supported and can be used as an alternative to ProtocolLib
  • No client modifications needed
  • Good performance by using async operations
  • Locale messages
  • Support for Bedrock players proxies through FloodGate


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You can download them from here:


/premium [player] Label the invoker or the argument as paid account
/cracked [player] Label the invoker or the argument as cracked account




This plugin supports PlaceholderAPI on Spigot. It exports the following variable %fastlogin_status%. In BungeeCord environments, the status of a player will be delivered with a delay after the player already successful joined the server. This takes about a couple of milliseconds. In this case the value will be Unknown.

Possible values: Premium, Cracked, Unknown


  • Java 17+
  • Server software in offlinemode:
  • An auth plugin.

Supported auth plugins



Network requests

This plugin performs network requests to:

How to install


  1. Download and install ProtocolLib/ProtocolSupport
  2. Download and install FastLogin (or FastLoginBukkit for newer versions)
  3. Set your server in offline mode by setting the value onlinemode in your to false

BungeeCord/Waterfall or Velocity

Install the plugin on both platforms, that is proxy (BungeeCord or Velocity) and backend server (Spigot).

  1. Activate proxy support in the server configuration
    • This is often found in spigot.yml or paper.yml
  2. Restart the backend server
  3. Now there is allowed-proxies.txt file in the FastLogin folder of the restarted server
    • BungeeCord: Put your stats-id from the BungeeCord config into this file
    • Velocity: On plugin startup the plugin generates a proxyId.txt inside the plugins folder of the proxy
  4. Activate ip forwarding in your proxy config
  5. Check your database settings in the config of FastLogin on your proxy
    • The proxies only ship with a limited set of drivers where Spigot supports more. Therefore, these are supported:
    • BungeeCord: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver for MySQL/MariaDB
    • Velocity: fastlogin.mariadb.jdbc.Driver for MySQL/MariaDB
    • Note the embedded file storage SQLite is not available
    • MySQL/MariaDB requires an external database server running. Check your server provider if there is one available or install one.
  6. Set proxy and Spigot in offline mode by setting the value onlinemode in your config.yml to false
  7. You should always configure the firewall for your Spigot server so that it's only accessible through your proxy
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