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Awesome Open Source


This product is built for bi-directional data migration between MongoDB & RDBMS databases.


  • Should work with virtually any SQL database (using JDBC). Tested with Oracle and MySQL.
  • Simple & intuitive UI for creating mapping between databases & tracking real time migration.
  • Generic tool to create any kind of joins in RDBMS.
  • Create mapping once & use export/import feature to migrate mapping to other environments.
  • View/Edit/Delete mapping features for the existing mappings. Stop/Restart/Cancel features for the events.
  • Email notifications for start & end of the migration with complete summary.
  • Failure notifications with the complete details of failure reason & data record.
  • Auto restart of events in case of JVM bounce.
  • Admin module to add new databases & provide access.
  • Batch select/insert, to significantly improve performance.
  • Using OpLog for reading data from MongoDB instead of querying the database.


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