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Fluent Python 2e example code

Example code for the book Fluent Python, 2nd edition by Luciano Ramalho (O'Reilly, 2021).

BEWARE: This is a work in progress!

  • Code here may change and disappear without warning.

  • Major reorganizations may happen at any time.

  • No promises. No guarantees. Use at own risk.

Table of Contents

All chapters are undergoing review and updates, including significant rewrites in the chapters about concurrency in Part V.

New chapters in Fluent Python 2e are marked with πŸ†•.

🚨 This table of contents is subject to change at any time until the book goes to the printer.

Part / Chapter # Title Directory 1st ed. ChapterΒ #
I – Prologue
1 The Python Data Model 01-data-model 1
II – Data Structures
2 An Array of Sequences 02-array-seq 2
3 Dictionaries and Sets 03-dict-set 3
4 Unicode Text versus Bytes 04-text-byte 4
5 Data Class Builders 05-data-classes πŸ†•
6 Object References, Mutability, and Recycling 06-obj-ref 8
III – Functions as Objects
7 Funcions as First-Class Objects 07-1class-func 5
8 Type Hints in Function Definitions 08-def-type-hints πŸ†•
9 Function Decorators and Closures 09-closure-deco 7
10 Design Patterns with First-Class Functions 10-dp-1class-func 6
IV – Object-Oriented Idioms
11 A Pythonic Object 11-pythonic-obj 9
12 Sequence Hacking, Hashing, and Slicing 12-seq-hacking 10
13 Interfaces, Protocols, and ABCs 13-protocl-abc 11
14 Inheritance: For Good or For Worse 14-inheritance 12
15 More About Type Hints 15-more-types πŸ†•
16 Operator Overloading: Doing It Right 16-op-overloading 13
V – Control Flow
17 Iterables, Iterators, and Generators 17-it-generator 14
18 Context Managers and else Blocks 18-with-match 15
19 Classic Coroutines 19-coroutine 16
20 Concurrency Models in Python 20-concurrency πŸ†•
21 Concurrency with Futures 21-futures 17
22 Asynchronous Programming 22-async 18
VI – Metaprogramming
23 Dynamic Attributes and Properties 22-dyn-attr-prop 19
24 Attribute Descriptors 23-descriptor 20
25 Class Metaprogramming 24-class-metaprog 21

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