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Logitech Media Server TTS Notify Queue for Home Assistant

The LMS Notify TTS platform lets you use the TTS integration Service Say and a LMS media_player to alert you of important events. This integration provides a simple interface to use in your automations and alerts.

  • restores the state, volume, sync group, playlist and media possition after playing the notify message
  • queue messages for each player so new messages do not interrupt the current playing one
  • option alert sound before the message
  • option how many times to repeat the tts message
  • option volume for the tts message

Default options can be set in the configuration file and/or overridden for each message

In order to use this integration, you must already have a TTS platform installed and configured, and a Logitech Media Server working with the TTS platform. Also, make sure you have playlist directory defined on your LMS settings - resume won't work without working playlist save/resume.

To enable this platform in your installation, consider the following example using google_translate and an example


Copy this folder to <config_dir>/custom_components/lms_tts_notify/

Or add a custom repository in HACS:

Add the following entry in your configuration.yaml:

    - platform: google_translate
      service_name: google_say

    - platform: lms_tts_notify
      name: kitchen
      tts_service: tts.google_say
      device_group: group.all_persons
      alert_sound: Alert
      volume: 0.4

Please note that the tts_service parameter, must match the service_name defined in the TTS integration.


name: string | REQUIRED | CONFIG

The name of the notify service

tts_service: string | REQUIRED | CONFIG

The service_name of a TTS platform

media_player: string | REQUIRED | CONFIG & SERVICE QUEUE

The entity_id of a LMS media_player (single or list for service queue)

device_group: string | REQUIRED | CONFIG | (optional) | SERVICE QUEUE & SERVICE NOTIFY

Specify which entity_id to track. Messages are not played when state != home Can be any entities/groups when it has a home state

volume: float (optional) | CONFIG & SERVICE QUEUE & SERVICE NOTIFY

Default volume to play the alert_sound and message

pause: float (optional, default=0.5) | CONFIG

Seconds to pause before and after alert sound and after tts message

alert_sound: string (optional) | CONFIG & SERVICE QUEUE & SERVICE NOTIFY

Default name of the playlist in LMS to play before the message

repeat: number (optional) | CONFIG & SERVICE QUEUE & SERVICE NOTIFY

Default value to repeat the message

force_play: boolean | SERVICE QUEUE & SERVICE NOTIFY

Skip check device_group state is home


A service lms_tts_notify.queue is also added (besides the notify service for each player) for easy use with the automations gui

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