Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

主会场 (Keynotes) 视频 (videos)

01 Craig Russell - Apache Flink: 践行 Apache 之道 (Apache Flink: The Apache Way in Action)

02 周靖人 - 云上计算普惠科技 (Cloud Computing Democratizes Technology)

03 蒋晓伟 - Apache Flink® - Redefining Computation

04 Stephan Ewen - Stream Processing takes on Everything

05 闵万里 - 城市级实时计算的力量 (Real-Time Computation for Scale of Cities)

06 罗李 - 滴滴实时计算平台架构与实践 (Architecture and Practices of Didi's Real-Time Computation Platform)

分会场一 (Room 1) 视频 (videos)

01 钱正平 - 为并行图数据处理提供高层抽象/语言 (High-level Abstradction and Languages for Parallel Graph Computation)

02 秦江杰 / 孙金城 - Simplify Machine Learning With Flink TableAPI

03 时金魁 - Flink七武器及应用实战 (Seven Weapons of Flink in Action)

04 崔星灿 - 快速融入Apache Flink开源社区 (Getting Involved in the Apache Flink Community)

05 施晓罡 / 郑灿彬 - 基于Apache Flink的平台化构建及运维优化经验 (Expereince of Building and Operating Platform based on Flink)

06 马国维 / 陶阳宇 - Runtime Improvements for Flink as a Unified Engine

分会场二 (Room 2) 视频 (videos)

01 Radu Tudoran - Flink Forward China 2018

02 Konstantin Knauf - Apache Flink® 1.7 and Beyond

03 李峰 - FLINK在大规模实时无效广告流量检测中的应用 (Flink in Detecting Massive Real-Time Ineffective Traffic)

04 Piotr Nowojsk - Flink Streaming SQL 2018

05 孟文瑞 / 于淼 - Uber 商业性能指标生成与管理 (Generating and Managing Business Metrics at Uber)

06 戴资力 - Apache Flink 流式应用中状态的数据结构定义升级 (State Schema Evolution for Apache Flink Applications)

分会场三 (Room 3) 视频 (videos)

01 邹丹 - Flink在字节跳动的实践 (The Practice of Apache Flink at ByteDance)

02 鞠⼤升 - 基于Flink的美团点评实时计算平台实践和应⽤ (The Practice and Application of Meituan-Dianping's Realtime Computation Platform on Flink)

03 杨克特 / 伍翀 - 基于streaming构建统一的数据处理引擎的挑战与实践 (Challenges and Practices in Building Streaming-based Unified Data Processing Engine for Batch and Streaming)

04 杨旭 - Alink:基于Apache Flink的算法平台 (Alink: An Algorithm Platform on Flink)

05 李钰 / 唐云 - Flink中的两类新型状态存储 (Introduction of Two New State Backends)

06 陈越晨 - Apache Flink在爱奇艺的应用实践 (The Practice of Apache Flink at iQiyi)

分会场四 (Room 4) 视频 (videos)

01 王绍翾 / 章剑锋 - Challenges and Opportunities of Apache Flink® Ecosystem

02 翟佳 / 郭斯杰 - 使⽤Flink和Pulsar进⾏批流⼀体弹性计算 (Elastic Stream and Batch Processing with Apache Flink and Apache Pulsar)

03 滕昱 - 为流处理世界重新设计的存储 (Project Pravega: Storage Reimagined for a Streaming World)

04 冯嘉 - 轻量级消息流计算平台探索实践【不公开】(private talk)

05 任春德 / 石春晖 - Deploy Apache Flink Natively on YARN_Kubernetes

06 徐骁 - Apache Flink 和 Elasticsearch 助⼒实时 OLAP 平台 (Apache Flink and Elasticsearch Power Realtime OLAP Platform at Qunar)

分会场五 (Room 5) 视频 (videos)

01 姜春宇 - 以标准推动开源技术在行业的落地

02 石春晖 - Columnar Execution for Apache Flink Batch

03 陈华曦 - 基于Apache Flink的搜索处理平台 (Alibaba's Search Offline Platform based on Flink)

04 訚赛华 - 袋鼠云基于实时计算的反黄牛算法 (Realtime Algorithm for Detecting Ticket Scalper at DTStack)

05 倪春恩 - Apache Kylin:大数据OLAP利器

06 李剑 - Flink在阿里巴巴电商业务中的应用 (Application of Flink in Alibaba E-Commerce Business)

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