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libflame library

libflame is a portable library for dense matrix computations, providing much of the functionality present in LAPACK, developed by current and former members of the Science of High-Performance Computing (SHPC) group in the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. libflame includes a compatibility layer, lapack2flame, which includes a complete LAPACK implementation. The source code for libflame is hosted on github:

For detailed instructions on how to configure, build, install, and link against libflame, please refer to the libflame reference manual. This manual contains all the information you need to get started with libflame, including installation directions, usage examples, and a complete API reference. If you have LaTeX installed on your system, you may simply change into the 'docs/libflame' subdirectory of the top-level directory of the libflame source tree and build the document from its source. You may also find a copy of the document here on github.

You can keep in touch with developers and other users of the project by joining the following mailing list:

  • libflame-discuss Please join and post to this mailing list if you have general questions or feedback regarding libflame.
  • NOTE: We do not yet have a developer's mailing list. For now, developers and those with developer-related questions can simply post to libflame-discuss.

If you encounter any problems or wish to submit a bug report, please consider opening an issue here on github.

Also, please read the LICENSE file for information on copying and distributing this software.

Thanks for your interest in libflame!


Field G. Van Zee (for the SHPC team)

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