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Auto reconnect on Doctrine MySql has gone away exceptions on doctrine/dbal.


If you're using DBAL 3

$ composer require facile-it/doctrine-mysql-come-back ^2.0

If you're using DBAL ^2.3

$ composer require facile-it/doctrine-mysql-come-back ^1.0


In order to use DoctrineMySQLComeBack you have to set the wrapperClass connection parameter. You can choose how many times Doctrine should be able to reconnect, setting x_reconnect_attempts driver option. Its value should be an int.

If you're using DBAL v2, you also need to set the driverClass parameter too; please refer to the previous version of this readme for that.

An example of configuration at connection instantiation time:

use Doctrine\DBAL\Configuration;
use Doctrine\DBAL\DriverManager;

$config = new Configuration();


$connectionParams = array(
    'dbname' => 'mydb',
    'user' => 'user',
    'password' => 'secret',
    'host' => 'localhost',
    // [doctrine-mysql-come-back] settings
    'wrapperClass' => 'Facile\DoctrineMySQLComeBack\Doctrine\DBAL\Connection',
    'driverClass' => 'Facile\DoctrineMySQLComeBack\Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\PDO\MySQL\Driver',
    'driverOptions' => array(
        'x_reconnect_attempts' => 3

$conn = DriverManager::getConnection($connectionParams, $config);


An example of yaml configuration on Symfony projects:

                # DATABASE_URL would be of "mysql://db_user:[email protected]:3306/db_name" 
                url: '%env(resolve:DATABASE_URL)%'
                wrapper_class: 'Facile\DoctrineMySQLComeBack\Doctrine\DBAL\Connection'
                    x_reconnect_attempts: 3

An example of configuration on Laminas Framework 2projects:

return [
    'doctrine' => [
        'connection' => [
            'orm_default' => [
                'wrapperClass' => \Facile\DoctrineMySQLComeBack\Doctrine\DBAL\Connection::class,
                'params' => [
                    'host' => 'localhost',
                    'port' => '3307',
                    'user' => '##user##',
                    'password' => '##password##',
                    'dbname' => '##database##',
                    'charset' => 'UTF8',
                    'driverOptions' => [
                        'x_reconnect_attempts' => 9,

You can use wrapper class Facile\DoctrineMySQLComeBack\Doctrine\DBAL\Connections\MasterSlaveConnection if you are using master / slave Doctrine configuration.


Since DBAL v3, Connection::refresh does not exist anymore, so you don't need to do anything else to leverage the reconnection, it will be automagically done.

From v1.6 of this library automagically reconnection is enabled also during $em->getConnection()->beginTransaction() calls, and this works also during simple $em->flush(), if out of a previous transaction.


Thanks to Dieter Peeters and his proposal on DBAL-275. Check it out if you are using doctrine/dbal <2.3.

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