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A headless CMS built in Express for PostgresQL using Sequelize. Generally follows the Wordpress post and term schema.
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Automatically create a GraphQL server from a SQLite database or a SQL file
Egg Graphql3131323 years ago13May 13, 20209mitJavaScript
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Sequelize Mig581a month ago25March 30, 202131mitJavaScript
Sequelize migration generator and es6 init tool (Planned)
Seedpress Cms55
5 years agomitJavaScript
A headless CMS built in Express for PostgresQL using Sequelize. Generally follows the Wordpress post and term schema.
Graphcraft51125 days ago89March 01, 20207mitJavaScript
Rapildy build and extend GraphQL API based on Sequelize models. This library helps you focus on business logic while taking care of GraphQL schema automatically.
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A relational database handler for jsonapi-server
Sequelize Express Example30
6 years ago1JavaScript
An example for the usage of Sequelize within an Express.js application with schema generation from existing table
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🌱 Seedpress Express API

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Seedpress is a headless Node JS API server built with Express, for PostgreSQL using Sequelize ORM. It generally follows the logic and conventions of the Wordpress schema. Seedpress authenticates users using JSON web tokens managed by Passport. It's production ready, and should work as a great starter for any content based Progressive Web Application.




  • [X] Authentication with JSON Web Token
  • [X] Email, Password validations
  • [X] User login and registration
  • [X] Full API and Unit test coverage
  • [X] Page and Term models with belongsToMany two way relationship
  • [X] Easily deployable to Heroku (Procfile)


  • Post

    • id
    • postTitle
    • postSlug
    • postType
    • postDate
    • postContent
    • postAuthor
    • postImage
    • postMedia
    • postStatus
    • postExpiry
    • postFrequency
    • postTerms
    • createdAt
    • updatedAt
  • Terms

    • id
    • termType
    • termName
    • createdAt
    • updatedAt
  • PostTerms

    • termId
    • postId
    • createdAt
    • updatedAt

To run locally

Make sure to install and run PostgreSQL first. There are a list of package.json scripts that include core sequelize migrations and seeds.

brew update
brew install postgres

Then you'll need to adjust the config file config/config.js to suit your setup.

Then run yarn reset and your db will create from scratch and seed data under the db name seedpress_dev.

Running yarn dev will start your dev server where needed.


You'll need to setup the test server using yarn resettest. To trigger the mocha/chai tests enter:

yarn test


There is a postman collection file for API testing and development in test/seedpress-api.postman_collection.json. It contains scripts and basic CRUD for:

  • /auth

    • [POST] Register (/register)
    • [POST] Login (/login)
  • /posts

    • [POST] Single post (/ - with auth)
    • [PATCH] Single post (/:slug - with auth)
    • [DEL] Single post (/:slug - with auth)
    • [GET] All posts (/)
    • [GET] Single post (/:slug)

To deploy on Heroku

heroku login
heroku create
git push heroku master

Sequelize ORM

Seedpress uses Sequelise ORM to interact with Postgres. Install globally on your dev machine using yarn global sequelize-cli then run commands with sequelize or alternately run commands locally in your dev folder with the built in dev package ./node_modules/.bin/sequelize init.

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