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⚠️ This plugin needs the new modular driver system to work, which is available since Metabase version 0.32.

Firebird driver for metabase

This driver enables metabase to connect to FirebirdSQL databases.


  • Make sure you have installed a recent Metabase Version that supports drivers as plugins. (>=0.32)
  • Download the latest release of the Firebird driver or build it from source. (See below)
  • Create the plugins directory if it doesn't already exist. By default that directory is next to the metabase.jar file, but you can specify a different directory by setting the environment varianble MB_PLUGINS_DIR.
  • Just drop the firebird.metabase-driver.jar in the plugins directory. On startup, metabase will load the plugin and the driver should be available.

Authentication issues when using Legacy_Auth

The latest releases are built with version 4.x of Jaybird (the Firebird JDBC driver), which no longer supports Legacy_Auth.

If you have problems accessing your database (#14) you can use the release artifact firebird.metabase-driver_jaybird-3.jar which is built with Jaybird 3.x.

Building from source:

For a detailed description, take a look at the official documentation.

Prepare a local Metabase installation for building drivers

  • Download the Metabase sources (>=0.32)
  • Compile a local Metabase installation for building drivers
lein install-for-building-drivers

Build the driver

  • Checkout the Firebird driver sources to {metabase-source-dir}/modules/drivers/firebird
  • Build the driver. This will create the .jar file in the directory target/uberjar. Just copy that file to your plugins directory and you are good to go!
cd {metabase-source-dir}/modules/drivers/firebird
lein clean

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