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Spacer Repetition API

live version

This is the backend for a flashcards application that uses the spaced memorization technique.

Here the live version for the frontend.

Table of contents



First, clone (or fork) this repository.

git clone && cd spacer-api

Then, install the dependencies.

bundle install && yarn install --check-files

Once you are done with the previous steps, create the database tables.

rails db:migrate

To start the server locally and make some API requests run rails s, after that you will have the API base URI as localhost at port 3000, to learn how to use the endpoints you should read the wiki.


To collaborate to this project first fork the repository, after that, create a new branch based on develop (using Git-flow is recommended), push your branch to your forked repository and create a PR (Pull Request) from your branch to the develop branch of the original repository.


Specify the license. You can read the license here.


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