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esp-at project was started and powered by Espressif Systems (@espressif) as an official project, for the ESP32-C3, ESP32, ESP8266, and ESP32-S2 Series SoCs provided for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
It is now supported and maintained by Espressif esp-at team (@esp-at).

esp-at is Free Software under a MIT license.


Espressif Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® chipsets are often used as add-on modules to seamlessly integrate wireless connectivity features into new and existing products.
In an effort to facilitate this and cut down on engineering costs, Espressif Systems has developed a set of AT commands that can be used to interface with Espressif products.

"AT" means 'attention'. Each command string is prefixed with "AT", and a number of discrete commands can be concatenated after the "AT".

The AT command firmware allows for rapid integration by providing:

  • In-built TCP/IP stack and data buffering
  • Easy integration with resource-constrained host platforms
  • Easy-to-parse command-response protocols
  • Customized, user-defined AT commands


ESP-AT Support Policy for ESP Chip Series


esp-at 作为由 Espressif Systems (@espressif) 发起和提供技术支持的官方项目,适用于 Windows、Linux、macOS 上的 ESP32-C3ESP32ESP8266、和 ESP32-S2 系列芯片。
当前该项目由 Espressif esp-at 团队 (@esp-at) 负责技术支持和维护。

esp-at 是 MIT 许可证下的免费软件。


乐鑫 Wi-Fi 和蓝牙芯片可以用作附加模块,完美集成在其他现有产品上,提供无线通讯功能。 为降低客户开发成本,乐鑫开发了一套 AT 指令集,方便客户简单快速地使用 AT 指令来控制芯片。

乐鑫提供的 AT 指令固件具有以下特色,利于芯片集成到应用中:

  • 内置 TCP/IP 堆栈和数据缓冲
  • 能便捷地集成到资源受限的主机平台中
  • 主机对指令的回应易于解析
  • 用户可自定义 AT 指令


ESP-AT 对不同芯片系列支持策略

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