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19 hours ago1,158mitJavaScript
Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.
2 years ago4February 22, 20215mitGo
A fast command line JSON pretty printer.
4 years ago9C
a JSON parser and printer library in C. easy to integrate with any model.
Jsontreeviewer171113 years ago2March 24, 201810mitJavaScript
json formatter/viewer/pretty-printer (with jsonTree javascript-library)
Prettier Package Json1222553393 months ago28June 22, 20229TypeScript
Prettier formatter for package.json files
Jsonpretty10531a year ago5December 30, 20211mitGo
Command-line JSON pretty-printer
a year ago2mitGo
Fast Color JSON Marshaller + Pretty Printer for Golang
Json Printer76185 days ago10December 27, 20211mitPHP
:page_with_curl: Provides a JSON printer, allowing for flexible indentation.
Ha Hpprinter62
10 months ago8Python
HP Printer Integration
3 years ago4November 05, 20192mitGo
JSON Prettier Printer that occupies a minimal number of lines while pretty-printing given JSON.
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HP Printer integration for Home Assistant


Configuration support multiple HP Printer devices through Configuration -> Integrations


How to set it up:

Look for "HP Printers Integration" and install


  • HP Printer supporting XML API to check printer's compatibility to the component try to get to the printer's XML API (replace placeholder with real IP / Hostname): http://{IP}//DevMgmt/ProductStatusDyn.xml

Basic configuration

  • Configuration should be done via Configuration -> Integrations.
  • In case you are already using that integration with YAML Configuration - please remove it
  • Integration supports multiple devices
  • In the setup form, the following details are mandatory:
    • Name - Unique
    • Host (or IP)
  • Upon submitting the form of creating an integration, a request to the printer will take place and will cause failure in case:
    • Unsupported API
    • Invalid server details - when cannot reach host

Settings for Monitoring interfaces, devices, tracked devices and update interval

Configuration -> Integrations -> {Integration} -> Options

Name - Unique
Host (or IP)
Update Interval: Textbox, number of seconds to update entities, default=60
Log level: Drop-down list, change component's log level (more details below), default=Default
Should store responses?: Check-box, saves XML and JSON files for debugging purpose, default=False
Log Level's drop-down

New feature to set the log level for the component without need to set log_level in customization: and restart or call manually logger.set_level and loose it after restart.

Upon startup or integration's option update, based on the value chosen, the component will make a service call to logger.set_level for that component with the desired value,

In case Default option is chosen, flow will skip calling the service, after changing from any other option to Default, it will not take place automatically, only after restart

Store responses

Stores the XML and JSON of each request and final JSON to files, Path in CONFIG_PATH/*, Files that will be generated (Prefix to the file is name of the integration):

  • ProductUsageDyn.XML - Raw XML from HP Printer of Usage Details
  • ProductUsageDyn.json - JSON based on the Raw XML of Usage Details after transformed by the component
  • ConsumableConfigDyn.XML - Raw XML from HP Printer of consumable details
  • ConsumableConfigDyn.json - JSON based on the Raw XML of consumable details after transformed by the component
  • ProductConfigDyn.XML - Raw XML from HP Printer of Config Details
  • ProductConfigDyn.json - JSON based on the Raw XML of Config Details after transformed by the component
  • Final.json - JSON based on the 2 JSONs above, merged into simpler data structure for the HA to create sensor based on


Device status - Binary Sensor

State: connected?

Printer details - Sensor

State: # of pages printed
    Color - # of printed documents using color cartridges
    Monochrome - # of printed documents using black cartridges
    Jams - # of print jobs jammed
    Cancelled - # of print jobs that were cancelled

Scanner details - Sensor (For AIO only)

State: # of pages scanned
    ADF - # of scanned documents from the ADF
    Duplex - # of scanned documents from the ADF using duplex mode
    Flatbed - # of scanned documents from the flatbed
    Jams - # of scanned jammed
    Mispick - # of scanned documents failed to take the document from the feeder

Cartridges details - Sensor (Per cartridge)

State: Remaining level %
    Type - Ink / Toner / Print head
    Station - Position of the cartridge
    Product Number
    Serial Number
    Manufactured By
    Manufactured At
    Warranty Expiration Date
    Installed At
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