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Command Line Interface, which is designed to handle things, like Dev(Op) tasks, much faster.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ This project is not maintained anymore. We will refactor the software and continue the work here ⚠️⚠️⚠️


You can install it globally:

npm install -g ego-cli

Or for your project, from where your package.json file is stored:

npm install --save-dev ego-cli


For example run the integrated Yeoman generator by executing:

ego new

Available commands

A (non complete) list of some interesting commands:

aptdate              # Runs 'apt-get update', 'apt-get upgrade' and 'apt-get autoremove' in one command.
api                  # Runs an Express.js based REST API from current directory.
backup               # Backups the current directory.
build                # Shorthand for 'npm run build'.
csv-split            # Splits one or more (huge) CSV file(s) into separates parts.
chuck                # Print a random Chuck Norris joke. Jep it is true! Just try it 😎
clock                # Shows the current time or a clock value of another timezone.
create               # Runs an e.GO creator module on npm.
devops-items-update  # Updates one or more Azure DevOps work items.
docker-stop          # Stops all running Docker containers.
docker-up            # Shorthand for 'docker-compose up'.
git-checkout         # Checks out (to) a branch.
git-delete           # Deletes local branches, except 'master' and the current one.
git-export           # Clones a repository to the working directory and removes the '.git' subfolder.
git-pull             # Pulls from all remotes to the current branch.
git-push             # Pushes the current branch to all remotes.
git-sync             # Syncs the current branch with all remotes.
job                  # Executes one or more scripts periodically.
new                  # Starts the e.GO generator for Yeoman.
node-install         # Removes the 'node_modules' subfolder and executes 'npm install'.
public-ip            # Print public ipv4 and ipv6 ip address.
pull-request         # Starts a pull request (Azure DevOps) for the branch of the current git repository.
qr                   # Creates an image file with a QR code from a text.
rn-run               # Runs the current React Native project.
run                  # Runs one or more Node.js based script file(s).
serve                # Starts a HTTP server that shares files via a web interface.
slack-post           # Posts a message to one or more Slack channels.
ssl-new              # Creates a new self-signed SSL certificate.
watch                # Runs one or more scripts for file changes.

To list all available commands, simply run



Have a look at the wiki, which contains interesting articles and recipes like:


The contribution guide explains, how to implement a new command, work with the code and open a pull request.


That software makes use of free version of MD Bootstrap.

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