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The missing router features for eggjs


$ npm i egg-router-plus --save

Then mount plugin:

// {app_root}/config/plugin.js
exports.routerPlus = {
  enable: true,
  package: 'egg-router-plus',


load app/router/**/*.js

this plugin will auto load router define at app/router/**/*.js.

Notice: all sub routers will be loaded before app/router.js, please ensure all the sub router definitions are not conflict(better to use app.router.namespace to create different namespaces for each sub router file).


app.router.namespace(prefix, ...middlewares);
  • prefix - {String}, the prefix string of sub router
  • middlewares - {...Function}, optional group middlewares

Support same as Router:

  • router.verb('path-match', app.controller.action);
  • router.verb('path-match', middleware1, ..., middlewareN, app.controller.action);
  • router.verb('router-name', 'path-match', app.controller.action);
  • router.verb('router-name', 'path-match', middleware1, ..., middlewareN, app.controller.action);

prefix and path are not allow to be regex, and prefix can't be '/'.

// {app_root}/app/router.js
module.exports = app => {
  const subRouter = app.router.namespace('/sub');
  // curl localhost:7001/sub/test
  subRouter.get('/test', app.controller.sub.test);
  subRouter.get('sub_upload', '/upload', app.controller.sub.upload);

  // const subRouter = app.router.namespace('/sub/:id');
  // const subRouter = app.router.namespace('/sub', app.middleware.jsonp());

  // output: /sub/upload

Every different prefix will bind to different router instance, and all the namespaces will sort by trie tree to ensure best match.

module.exports = app => {
 const apiRouter = app.router.namespace('/api');
 const apiWebRouter = app.router.namespace('/api/web');
 const apiWebAdminRouter = app.router.namespace('/api/web/admin');
 apiWebRouter.get('/:a/:b', controller.api.two);
 apiWebAdminRouter.get('/:a', controller.api.three);
 // /api/web/admin/hello => controller.api.three
 // /api/web/foo/hello => controller.api.two
 // /api/foo/bar/hello =>

Known issues

  • sub redirect is not support, use app.router.redirect() or redirect to a named router.
const subRouter = app.router.namespace('/sub');

// will redirect `/sub/go` to `/anyway`, not `/sub/anyway`
subRouter.redirect('/go', '/anyway');

// just use router
router.redirect('/sub/go', '/sub/anyway');

// or redirect to a named router
subRouter.get('name_router', '/anyway', app.controller.sub.anyway);
// will redirect `/sub/go_name` to `/sub/anyway` which is named `name_router`
subRouter.redirect('/sub/go_name', 'name_router');

Questions & Suggestions

Please open an issue here.



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