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[Toward a Production-Ready Docker Swarm Cluster with Consul] (

Wherein I explore the requirements of, and develop a repeatable process for, standing up a moderately opinionated, production-ready Docker cluster using the community standard Engine, Machine, Swarm and Compose. HashiCorp Consul will be used as the key-value store for Swarm as well as providing a common discovery mechanism across all nodes.

Guiding Principles

  • Highly available and fault-tolerant key-value store
  • Highly available Swarm masters
  • Overlay networking
  • Repeatable, automation-ready setup
  • All cluster and node services delivered as containers
  • Smarter-than-default logging
  • Memory accounting configured in kernel

Getting Started

Initially this project is setup to support only Digital Ocean droplets running Ubuntu 15.10. It should be trivial to support other virtualization providers. See drivers/digitalocean.env

Install Docker Engine, Compose, and Machine


Digital Ocean API Access Token

Mosey on over to Digital Ocean and setup an access token called docker-swarm-consul (or whatever floats your boat) and create a rcfile named ~/.digitalocean/docker-swarm-consul with content that looks something like this:

export DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN="my-super-cool-access-token-hash"

This will be picked up automatically by drivers/digitalocean.env and sourced. If no such file exists you will want to otherwise setup an environment variable named DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN before these humble scripts will work.


A Docker Swarm cluster leveraging Consul

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