React Redux Flask

Boilerplate application for a Python/Flask JWT Backend and a Javascript/React/Redux Front-End with Material UI.
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React Redux Flask1,411
2 years ago11mitJavaScript
Boilerplate application for a Python/Flask JWT Backend and a Javascript/React/Redux Front-End with Material UI.
a year agomitTypeScript
A full stack GraphQL banking application using React, Node & TypeScript.
Twitter Spring Reactjs111
2 days ago5TypeScript
:bird: Twitter Clone with Microservice Architecture using Java 17, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, PostgreSQL, S3 bucket, JWT, TypeScript, React.js, Redux-Saga, Material-UI
React Router V4 Redux Auth80
6 years ago1JavaScript
An implementation of JWT using the latest version of react-router (v4), redux, redux-form, and material-ui
10 months ago1JavaScript
Woocommerce CRUD With ReactJs
3 months agoJavaScript
A full-functional (Work in progress now) ecommerce web application that is developed by using MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js)
Sales Order System 221
2 years agounlicenseJava
React + Java 8 + Spring Boot + MySQL + MongoDB + Redis Demo Web App
a year ago6TypeScript
마음을 잇는 현명한 소비 '잇다'🤝
Me Mo Ri9
a year agoJavaScript
It is web-app in which you can add your memories by adding tags, title ,time of upload(automatic) and description about it, you can also like others post and search posts by name of memories and tags. you can later edit your post also and delete too according to your wish. It is fully responsive web-app with google authorization, expiry-session and pagination features.
8 months agoJavaScript
[Assignment given by a company for evaluation] Basic Employee Management System With React, Material UI & .Net Core, JWT Used For Authentication & Authorization. Use the username and password "demo".
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Boilerplate application for a Flask JWT Backend and a React/Redux Front-End with Material UI.

  • Python 2.7+ or 3.x
  • Pytest
  • Heroku
  • Flask
  • React
  • Redux
  • React-Router 2.0
  • React-Router-Redux
  • Babel 6
  • SCSS processing
  • Webpack


Create DB

$ export DATABASE_URL="postgresql://username:[email protected]/mydatabase"


$ export DATABASE_URL="mysql+mysqlconnector://username:[email protected]/mydatabase"


$ export DATABASE_URL="sqlite:///your.db"

(More about connection strings in this flask config guide.)

$ python create_db
$ python db upgrade
$ python db migrate

To update database after creating new migrations, use:

$ python db upgrade

Install Front-End Requirements

$ cd static
$ npm install

Run Back-End

$ python runserver

Test Back-End

$ python --cov-report=term --cov-report=html --cov=application/ tests/

Run Front-End

$ cd static
$ npm start

Build Front-End

$ npm run build:production

New to Python?

If you are approaching this demo as primarily a frontend dev with limited or no python experience, you may need to install a few things that a seasoned python dev would already have installed.

Most Macs already have python 2.7 installed but you may not have pip install. You can check to see if you have them installed:

$ python --version
$ pip --version 

If pip is not installed, you can follow this simple article to get both homebrew and python

After you install python, you can optionally also install python 3

$ brew install python3

Now you can check again to see if both python and pip are installed. Once pip is installed, you can download the required flask modules:

$ sudo pip install flask flask_script flask_migrate flask_bcrypt 

Now, you can decide on which database you wish to use.

New to MySQL?

If you decide on MySQL, install the free community edition of MySQL and MySQL Workbench

  1. start MySQL from the System Preferences
  2. open MySQL Workbench and create a database called mydatabase but don't create the tables since python will do that for you
  3. Install the MySQL connector for Python, add the DATABASE_URL configuration, and create the database and tables
$ sudo pip install mysql-connector-python-rf
$ export DATABASE_URL="mysql+mysqlconnector://username:[email protected]/mydatabase"
$ python create_db

Note: you do not need to run "python db upgrade" or "python db migrate" if its your first go at it

  1. Run Back-End
$ python runserver

If all goes well, you should see * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit) followed by a few more lines in the terminal.

  1. open a new tab to the same directory and run the front end
$ cd static
$ npm install
$ npm start
  1. open your browser to http://localhost:3000/register and setup your first account
  2. enjoy! By this point, you should be able to create an account and login without errors.
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