Vim Startuptime

⏲️ A plugin for profiling Vim and Neovim startup time.
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:link: The fancy start screen for Vim.
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Vim Plugins Profile569
a year ago2gpl-3.0Python
:clock4: Profile Vim's plugins, generate awesome statistics and optimize (n)vim startup time
Vim Startuptime427
2 months ago1mitVim Script
⏲️ A plugin for profiling Vim and Neovim startup time.
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scrollbar for neovim
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:bar_chart: Utility script to profile (n)vim (e.g. startup times of plugins)
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A small Go program for better `vim --startuptime` alternative
8 months ago2gpl-3.0Vim script
Some utility functions for VIM
2 months agoShell
Awesome personal dotfiles
Alternatives To Vim Startuptime
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vim-startuptime is a plugin for viewing vim and nvim startup event timing information. The data is automatically obtained by launching (n)vim with the --startuptime argument. See :help startuptime-configuration for details on customization options.


  • vim>=8.0.1453 or nvim>=0.3.1
    • The plugin may work on earlier versions, but has not been tested.
    • The plugin depends on compile-time features for vim (not applicable for nvim).
      • +startuptime is required.
      • +timers is recommended, to capture all startup events.
      • +terminal is required.


A package manager can be used to install vim-startuptime.

  • Vim8 packages:
    • git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-startuptime
  • Vundle:
    • Add Plugin 'dstein64/vim-startuptime' to ~/.vimrc
    • :PluginInstall or $ vim +PluginInstall +qall
  • Pathogen:
    • git clone --depth=1 ~/.vim/bundle/vim-startuptime
  • vim-plug:
    • Add Plug 'dstein64/vim-startuptime' to ~/.vimrc
    • :PlugInstall or $ vim +PlugInstall +qall
  • dein.vim:
    • Add call dein#add('dstein64/vim-startuptime') to ~/.vimrc
    • :call dein#install()
  • NeoBundle:
    • Add NeoBundle 'dstein64/vim-startuptime' to ~/.vimrc
    • Re-open vim or execute :source ~/.vimrc


  • Launch vim-startuptime with :StartupTime.
  • Press K on events to get additional information.
  • Press gf on sourcing events to load the corresponding file in a new split.
  • The key sequences above can be customized (:help startuptime-configuration).
  • Times are in milliseconds.


Documentation can be accessed with either:

:help vim-startuptime


:StartupTime --help

The underlying markup is in startuptime.txt.

There is documentation on the following topics.

Topic :help {subject}
Arguments startuptime-arguments
Modifiers startuptime-modifiers
Vim Options startuptime-vim-options
Configuration startuptime-configuration
Color Customization startuptime-color-customization


The source code has an MIT License.


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