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A small Go program for better `vim --startuptime` alternative
Alternatives To Vim Startuptime
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Alternatives To Vim Startuptime
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Better vim --startuptime

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vim-startuptime is a small Go program to measure startup time of Vim. This program aims to be an alternative of --startuptime option of Vim, which measures the startup time metrics to allow vimmers to optimize Vim's startup.

After warm-up, vim-startuptime runs vim --startuptime multiple times internally and collects the metrics from the results (e.g. average time for loading each plugin's scripts). The summary calculated from the measurements is output to stdout.

Tested on Linux, Mac and Windows with both Vim and Neovim.


Download an executable from a release page.

If you want to install the latest stable version, please run following command. Go toolchain is necessary for running the command.

$ go install[email protected]


  • vim 7.4.1444 or later (for --not-a-term startup option)
  • nvim


Just run the command with no argument.

$ vim-startuptime

By default, it tries to run vim and :quit immediately 10 times, collects the results and outputs a summary of them to stdout.

Extra options: []
Measured: 10 times

Total Average: 189.954400 msec
Total Max:     198.062000 msec
Total Min:     183.966000 msec

  AVERAGE        MAX       MIN
98.532900 102.605000 94.275000: $HOME/.vimrc
51.859600  56.937000 49.897000: opening buffers
17.027900  18.810000 16.277000: /Users/rhysd/.vim/bundle/vim-color-spring-night/colors/spring-night.vim
11.878900  13.153000 10.567000: /Users/rhysd/.vim/bundle/vim-smartinput/autoload/smartinput.vim
 9.407600  11.710000  8.606000: /usr/local/Cellar/macvim/HEAD-0db36ff_1/


 0.009100   0.012000  0.007000: window checked
 0.009000   0.012000  0.008000: inits 3
 0.003000   0.005000  0.002000: clipboard setup
 0.002600   0.004000  0.002000: editing files in windows

If you want to run with Neovim, please specify -vimpath option as follows:

$ vim-startuptime -vimpath nvim

If you want to give some options to underlying vim command executions, please specify them after -- argument in command line as follows:

$ vim-startuptime -- --cmd DoSomeCommand

Please see -help option to know the command options.

What's Next after running vim-startuptime?

By running vim-startuptime, now you know which script file takes time to run. What you should do next is :profile.

$ vim --cmd 'profile start profile.log' --cmd 'profile! file /path/to/slow_script.vim' -c quit

Profiled results are dumped to profile.log. Please check it. In log file, :set ft=vim would help you analyze the results. Please see :help profile for more details.

(Maybe) TODO

  • Add more metrics like median
  • Temporarily isolate CPU for running Vim if possible


Distributed under the MIT License.

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