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The offical Dropbox SDK for Python.

Documentation can be found on Read The Docs_.


Create an app via the Developer Console_.

Install via pip <>_:

.. code-block:: console

$ pip install dropbox

Install from source:

.. code-block:: console

$ git clone git://
$ cd dropbox-sdk-python
$ python install

After installation, follow one of our Examples_ or read the documentation on Read The Docs_.

You can also view our OAuth Guide_.


We provide Examples_ to help get you started with a lot of the basic functionality in the SDK.

  • OAuth
    • Commandline OAuth Basic <>_ - Shows a simple example of commandline oauth (no redirect).
    • Commandline OAuth Scopes <>_ - Shows a simple example of commandline oauth using scopes.
    • Commandline OAuth PKCE <>_ - Shows a simple example of commandline oauth using PKCE.
  • Other Examples
    • Updown <>_ - Sample application that uploads the contents of your Downloads folder to Dropbox.
    • Backup and Restore <>_ - Sample application that shows how you can backup a file and restore previous versions if the file was modified/corrupted in any way.

Getting Help

If you find a bug, please see CONTRIBUTING.md_ for information on how to report it.

If you need help that is not specific to this SDK, please reach out to Dropbox Support_.


This SDK is distributed under the MIT license, please see LICENSE_ for more information.

.. _logo: {logo_link} .. _repo: .. _Read The Docs: .. _Examples: .. _LICENSE: .. .. _Developer Console: .. _OAuth Guide: .. _Dropbox Support:

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