Graphql Code Generator

A tool for generating code based on a GraphQL schema and GraphQL operations (query/mutation/subscription), with flexible support for custom plugins.
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Graphql Engine30,15534 hours ago17June 22, 20222,135apache-2.0TypeScript
Blazing fast, instant realtime GraphQL APIs on your DB with fine grained access control, also trigger webhooks on database events.
Graphql Js19,71433,25714,06811 hours ago230June 22, 2023263mitTypeScript
A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript
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A fast, offline-first, reactive Database for JavaScript Applications
Apollo Server13,4971,5898633 days ago317March 02, 202362mitTypeScript
🌍  Spec-compliant and production ready JavaScript GraphQL server that lets you develop in a schema-first way. Built for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa, and more.
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🔮 Graphile's Crystal Monorepo; home to Grafast, PostGraphile, pg-introspection, pg-sql2 and much more!
4 hours ago2June 08, 2018607apache-2.0Python
A graph-relational database with declarative schema, built-in migration system, and a next-generation query language
Graphql Code Generator10,314
a day ago525mitTypeScript
A tool for generating code based on a GraphQL schema and GraphQL operations (query/mutation/subscription), with flexible support for custom plugins.
Gqlgen9,2061157985 hours ago214July 27, 2023253mitGo
go generate based graphql server library
Type Graphql7,8472773785 days ago69May 16, 2023111mitTypeScript
Create GraphQL schema and resolvers with TypeScript, using classes and decorators!
Graphql Editor5,89034 days ago95August 05, 202315mitTypeScript
📺 Visual Editor & GraphQL IDE.
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GraphQL Code Generator is a tool that generates code out of your GraphQL schema. Whether you are developing a frontend or backend, you can utilize GraphQL Code Generator to generate output from your GraphQL Schema and GraphQL Documents (query/mutation/subscription/fragment).

By analyzing the schema and documents and parsing it, GraphQL Code Generator can output code at a wide variety of formats, based on pre-defined templates or based on custom user-defined ones. Regardless of the language that you're using, GraphQL Code Generator has you covered.

GraphQL Code Generator lets you choose the output that you need, based on plugins, which are very flexible and customizable. You can also write your plugins to generate custom outputs that match your needs.

You can try this tool live on your browser and see some useful examples. Check out GraphQL Code Generator Live Examples.

We currently support and maintain these plugins (TypeScript, Flow, React, Angular, MongoDB, Stencil, Reason, and some more), and there is an active community that writes and maintains custom plugins.

Quick Start

You can find the complete instructions in GraphQL Code Generator website.

Start by installing the basic deps of GraphQL Codegen:

yarn add graphql
yarn add -D @graphql-codegen/cli

GraphQL Code Generator lets you setup everything by simply running the following command:

yarn graphql-codegen init

Question by question, it will guide you through the whole process of setting up a schema, selecting plugins, picking a destination of a generated file, and a lot more.

If you wish to manually setup codegen, follow these instructions.


Besides our docs page, feel free to go through our published Medium articles to get a better grasp of what GraphQL Code Generator is all about:


If this is your first time contributing to this project, please do read our Contributor Workflow Guide before you get started off.

Feel free to open issues and pull requests. We're always welcome support from the community.

For a contribution guide specific to this project, please refer to:

Code of Conduct

Help us keep GraphQL Code Generator open and inclusive. Please read and follow our Code of Conduct as adopted from Contributor Covenant


GitHub license


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