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dmatik’s Home Assistant configuration

I’m using Lovelace mostly for my mobile devices and for Wallpanel tablet which some times used with HaDashboard instead.

The UI is partially isnspired by Homekit Infused, implemented by me using mostly Custom Button Card and Delluttering Card for the templates.

Please join me in discord under the following link, welcome to visit and ask questions.

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  • HomeKit style design using Button Card
  • HomeKit style dynamic badges for People, Lights, Motion sensors and Climate devices.
  • Templating with Decluttering Card
  • Responsive design using CSS Grid with Layout Card
  • Dark and Light themes created specially for this design, automatically changing.
  • Setting the header to the buttom and customizing it, all as part of the themes using Card Mod
  • Popups with Browser Mod
  • Two colored SVG icons made by me from Material Design Icons, took the idea from This Guy


alt text

alt text

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