Laravel Seo Tools

Laravel Seo package for Content writer/admin/web master who do not know programming but want to edit/update SEO tags from dashboard
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SEO & Security Audit for Websites. Lighthouse & Security Headers crawler, Sitemap/Keywords/Images Extractor, Summarizer, etc ...
Laravel Seo Tools86
2 years ago7September 02, 20194mitPHP
Laravel Seo package for Content writer/admin/web master who do not know programming but want to edit/update SEO tags from dashboard
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Hides (sidebar) ads and premium version buttons of Yoast SEO from their settings pages and your website's dashboard (and frontend).
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Love WordPress SEO by Yoast, but hate its dashboard clutter? Well, look no further!
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Google Search Results Pages Dashboard
Seo Dashboard4
9 years ago
This SEO Dashboard make its super easy to monitor your website traffic, social media popularity and several SEO factors.
Keywordmonitor Wordpress Plugin3
5 years ago1PHP
Ein WordPress Plugin, welches die aktuelles Rankings eines Projektes im WordPress Dashboard ausgibt
Alternatives To Laravel Seo Tools
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Laravel Seo Tools

Laravel is becoming more and more popular and lots of web application are developing. In most of the web application there need some SEO work for their marketing purpose. There are some tools but those are not suitable for non programmer. Everything can be control via dashboard like Wordpress Yoast

See Demo


  "require": { 
     "digitaldream/laravel-seo-tools": "1.*"


  1. Add this line to config/app.php providers array . Not needed if you are using laravel 5.5 or greater
  1. Then Run
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="SEO\SeoServiceProvider"

Please have a look to App\Policies\Seo folder. Adjust permission for seo settings routes.

  1. Run migration
  php artisan migrate
  1. Run Seed
   php artisan db:seed --class="SEO\Database\Seeders\SeoTablesSeeder"
  1. Show form into your post/content page by adding this custom blade tag

This will be usually inside your form.

  1. Save tags into your controller
     if ($model->save()) {
           \SEO\Seo::save($model, route('', $model->slug), [
               'title' => $model->title,
               'images' => [

Do not make your controller dirty. Do not worry follow this instruction

  1. Finally display tags into your layouts header by this custom blade tag

Now visit /seo/dashboard from your browser to see seo dashboard and settings

Easy to use

Target user of this tool is non programmer. So they can able to add/modify on page SEO tags and do some necessary action that can give full control how this page will be appear by Search Engine.

Social media sharing

Everybody loves to share their page or content in social media. By using this tools you can able to manage how your page looks like in Facebook, Twitter and others and what image will be shown, which title and description are shown and many more. social_media

Page management

Your application have many pages but not all of them for search engine. You can control this from your dashboard. Also it can be set via programatically for example when a post is published it will automatically added to xml sitemap and will add necessary seo tags so search engine can understand its purpose and content. page_management

Submit company or personal information to Google

For business or ecommerce we often see support email, telephone and some other extra information like their Facebook, Twitter account in google search. This can be done tags. To make this super simple there have few input field that you can easily fill and save. Behind the scene everything will be done for you. company_personal_info

Webmaster tools

Sometimes web master need ftp or file access because they need to add some verification code into your site. Using this tools they can simply add this from dashboard. Like Google Verification code webmaster_tools

Sitemap generator

Sitemap are the key to search engine. Search engine will crawl your website according to this. It will be created automatically for you. Also you can set pririty and change frequency of your page. site_map

Robot.txt and .htaccess file customization

Web master sometimes need to have access to robot.txt and .htaccess. Now it can be done via dashboard. Although it requires expertise knowledge to modify this files. robot_htaccess

Meta tag management

Only way to inform search engine about your site or page is via Meta tags. There are many tags. Most common are already there. But you can able to create, edit or delete any of them. To add a meta tag you do not have to call programmer. You can do it from dashbarod.

meta_tags This is simple. Isn't it?
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