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Ticketing systems (Github, Jira, etc.) are strongly integrated into our processes and everyone understands their necessity. As soon as a developer becomes a lead/technical manager, he or she faces a set of routine tasks that are related to ticketing work. On large projects this becomes a problem, more and more you spend time running around on dashboards and tickets, looking for incorrect deviations in tickets and performing routine tasks instead of solving technical problems.

The idea of automatic management is not new, but large companies/projects are not ready yet for such a decisive breakthrough and need step-by-step solutions such as lazylead. I think you remember how static code analysis treated at in the past; today we have a huge toolkit (pmd, checkstyle, qulice, rubocop, peon, etc) for each language that allows you to avoid routine issues and remove from the code reviewer the unnecessary load. The same logic we can apply to our day-to-day ticket management activities - let's reduce or even remove unnecessary routine actions.

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  • in-progress
  • planned
  • implemented
  • implemented, but not tested
  • not supported/planned
Daily annoying task Jira Github Trello SVN Git
Notify ticket's assignee
Notify ticket's reporter
Notify ticket's manager
Notify about illegal "Fix Version" modification
Expected comment in ticket is missing
Propagate some fields from parent ticket into sub-tasks
Evaluate the ticket formatting accuracy
Print the current capacity of team into newly created tasks
Create/retrofit the defect automatically into latest release
Notify about expired(ing) due dates
Notify about absent original estimations
Notify about 'Hot potato' tickets
Notify about long live tickets (aging)
Create a meeting(s) automatically in case some tickets appeared (group by assignee/reporters/component/ticket type/etc)
Propogate fields from parent tickets to sub-tasks
Notify about tickets without comments with expected text
Notify about team loading (no tasks on teammates)
Notify about tickets matches predefined multiple conditions
Link automatically the ticket and Confluence page if link found in ticket's comments/description
Notify about tickets assigned to your team members not by effective managers
Notify about modifications of important files in VCS
Notify about diff changes for past X period in VCS
Notify about changes with some text for past X period in VCS
Notify when someone outside of your team changed the due date on tickets for your team
Notify when someone outside of your team assigned a ticket directly to the developer
Integration Type Status
Microsoft Exchange Server Emails
Microsoft Exchange Server Calendar Emails Emails Calendar Notifications
GitHub VCS + CI/CD
GitLab VCS + CI/CD
BitBucket VCS + CI/CD

New ideas, bugs, suggestions or questions are welcome via GitHub issues!

Get started

We're still in a very early alpha version, the API may change frequently until we release version 1.0.

Let's assume that:

  • your team is using jira as a ticketing system
  • you defined a jira filter with tickets where actions need. The filter id is 555 and it has JQL like
    project=XXXX and type=Bug and status not in (Closed, Cancelled, "Ready For Testing", "On Hold) 
     and parent = YYYY and duedate < startOfDay()
  • you have MS Exchange server for email notifications
  • you want to notify your developers during working days at 8am (UTC) time about tickets where due dates are expired

For simplicity, we are using docker-compose:

  1. Define yml file with configuration tasks.yml

    version: '2.3'
        image: dgroup/lazylead:latest
        container_name: lazylead
        mem_limit: 128m
          # The jira server details.
          # Please ensure that your jira filter(s) grants this user to see issues.
          # Sometimes jira filter(s) may be created with restricted visibility, thus
          #  lazylead can't find the issues. 
          jira_user: theuser
          jira_password: thepass
          # The MS Exchange server details, please ensure that '/ews/Exchange.asm` 
          #  will be after your server url. Just change the url to your server.
          exchange_user: theuser
          exchange_password: the password
          - ./:/lazylead/db
        # db/ll.db is sqlite file with jira related annoying tasks
        entrypoint: bin/lazylead --sqlite db/ll.db --trace --verbose

    or just download the project using git

    git clone ll && cd ll
  2. Create a container, using docker-compose -f .github/tasks.yml up The container will stop as there were no tasks provided:

    ll > docker-compose -f .github/tasks.yml up                                                         
    Creating lazylead ... done
    Attaching to lazylead
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Version: 0.5.0
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Memory footprint at start is 52MB
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Database: '/lazylead/db/ll.db', sql migration dir: '/lazylead/upgrades/sqlite'
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Migration applied to /lazylead/db/ll.db from /lazylead/upgrades/sqlite
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Database connection established
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] SMTP connection established with {host} as {user}.
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] WARN  [main] ll-001: No tasks found.
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Memory footprint at the end is 67MB
    lazylead exited with code 0
    ll > 
  3. Define your team and tasks in database. Yes, there are no UI yet, but its planned. Pull requests are welcome! The tables structure defined here. Modify you sqlite file(ll.db) using DB Browser or any similar tool. Please change the <> to your email address in order to be in CC when developer get the notification:

    insert into teams (id, name, properties) 
               values (1, 'Dream team with lazylead', '{}');
    insert into systems(id, properties)    
               values (1,'{"type":"Lazylead::Jira", "username":"${jira_user}", "password":"${jira_password}", "site":"${jira_url}", "context_path":""}');
    insert into tasks  (name, schedule, enabled, id, system, team_id, action, properties)
               values ('Expired due dates', 
                       'cron:0 8 * * 1-5', 
                       1, 1, 1, 
                       '{"sql":"filter=555", "cc":"<>", "subject":"[LL] Expired due dates", "template":"lib/messages/due_date_expired.erb", "postman":"Lazylead::Exchange"}');

    Yes, for task scheduling we are using cron here, but you may use other scheduling types from rufus-scheduler.

  4. Once you changed ./ll.db, please restart the container using docker-compose -f .github/tasks.yml restart

    ll > docker-compose -f .github/tasks.yml restart
    Restarting lazylead ... done

    check the logs and stop container if needed

    ll > docker logs lazylead
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Version: 0.5.0
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Memory footprint at start is 52MB
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Database: '/lazylead/db/ll.db', sql migration dir: '/lazylead/upgrades/sqlite'
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Migration applied to /lazylead/db/ll.db from /lazylead/upgrades/sqlite
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Database connection established
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] SMTP connection established with {host} as {user}.
    lazylead    | [2020-08-09T06:17:32] DEBUG [main] Task scheduled: id='1', name='Expired due dates', cron='0 8 * * 1-5', system='1', action='Lazylead::Task::AssigneeAlert', team_id='1', description='', enabled='true', properties='{"sql":"filter=555", "cc":"[email protected]", "subject":"[LL] Expired due dates", "template":"lib/messages/due_date_expired.erb", "postman":"Lazylead::Exchange"}'

How to contribute?

Buy Me A Coffee

Pull requests are welcome! Don't forget to add your name to contribution section and run this, beforehand:

rake -A

Everyone interacting in this projects codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms is expected to follow the code of conduct.

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