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Deluge BitTorrent Client

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Deluge is a BitTorrent client that utilizes a daemon/client model. It has various user interfaces available such as the GTK-UI, Web-UI and Console-UI. It uses libtorrent at its core to handle the BitTorrent protocol.


From PyPi:

pip install deluge

with all optional dependencies:

pip install deluge[all]

From source code:

pip install .

with all optional dependencies:

pip install .[all]

See DEPENDS and Installing/Source for dependency details.


The various user-interfaces and Deluge daemon can be started with the following commands.

Use the --help option for further command options.

Gtk UI

deluge or deluge-gtk

Console UI


Web UI


Open http://localhost:8112 with default password deluge.



See the Thinclient guide to connect to the daemon from another computer.


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