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Helm Charts @ Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero ❤️ Helm

Delivery Hero are big fans of Kubernetes and use Helm extensively. Here we have collected a few charts that are used across our organisation.


helm repo add deliveryhero
helm search repo deliveryhero
helm install my-release deliveryhero/<chart>

adding deliveryhero chart repo

Chart list

Artifact HUB


Contributions are welcome ❤️

This repository has multiple Github Actions to ensure quality is high, these include:

All chart files are generated from a template. This ensures all values are documented and that formatting is consistent. See here about how the table of values is produced and how to add descriptions to your chart values.

Running CI tests locally

All commands to be run from the root of this repo.


brew install chart-testing
pip3 install yamale yamllint
ct lint --charts stable/<chart>


docker run --rm -v "$PWD:/helm-charts" avtodev/markdown-lint:v1.5.0 --config /helm-charts/ci/markdown-lint.yaml /helm-charts/**/*.md


To generate chart files from the template:

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}:/helm-docs" jnorwood/helm-docs:v1.5.0 --template-files ./ci/


brew tap instrumenta/instrumenta
brew install conftest
sh ci/


Contents of this repository and any charts without a specific license are licensed under the Apache-2.0 License. Some charts may have their own respective license at <chart>/LICENSE. When adding a new chart to this repository and the chart is copied from another repository then include the license from the source if is not Apache-2.0 and include a link to the source under the sources section in <chart>/Chart.yaml.

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