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Flappy Bird


This application was created as a clone for the game, Flappy Bird. To learn more about what Flappy Bird is, please visit its website. This project firmed up my knowledge on creating an application that implements SpriteKit.

The application offers the following features:

  • Creating an application allowing users to play a replica of the game, Flappy Bird. Users can now play the bird with voice activation.

Technologies Used In Application:

  • SpriteKit
  • SKActions
  • SKSpriteNodes
  • Swift

Testing The App:

  • Download the project to your computer from this project page.
  • Once the project is downloaded, open the .xcodeproj file from the folder.
  • Run the project either using the iPhone simulator or your device. I recommend running the project on the latest iPhone device. It should be compiled with the latest version of Xcode.
  • If you choose to download it on your device, please plug in your device to your computer and make the device target your device model. Then click 'run'.


In conclusion, I have learned a lot by working on this project. I am confident that I mastered SpriteKit in order to create an exciting and engaging application.

flappybird1 flappybird3

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