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This repo is updated with Swift 5 and compatible with iPhone X:

  • Simple UIKit components
  • UIScrollView, UITableView, UICollectionView
  • CAAnimations and UIView Animations
  • Local Notification in iOS 11
  • MapKit, Contact, and Core ML frameworks
  • Core Data, Today Extension, and 3D touch
  • Popular Open Source Frameworks
  • Design Patterns
  • Test Driven Development, XCTest


By developers and for developers

I am an iOS developer and currently using Swift.

This repo does not merely follow tutorials, I re-build them with better code style and architecture design.

For code style, I strictly follow Swift Style Guide;

For developers, I have a README file and screenshots for every single app in this repo, all details could be found there.

What's next?

I will maintain the project with latest syntax and most advanced code style. More code comments are going to be covered as well.

Also, unit tests will be added to ensure the quality of the codebase.


chenluffy, LargeShrimp and azureland, thank you for your assistance in optimizing the repo.

Reach me

Twitter: @guyindaozhang
Weibo: @故胤道长

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