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Domain Driven Design Application Example, built with Lumen 5.3 and Doctrine.


Domain Driven Design approach help us write and maintain our core business preserved from technology dependencies. With the aid of ubiquitous language you could model your Domain and use thirdy part technologies to fit your needs. There are some DDD concepts, that application does not implement as: ValueObject, multiple Entites. The main purpose of this example is to give you a start point in terms of architecture, given the density of DDD, a simple example could not exhaust all the subject. The follow example implements a Store with products and product categories.


The Application Services are understood as Entrypoint for Domain. There is one Controller, Service Application and Service Provider by Domain. Providers map Contracts and Implementations.


composer install
mv Application/Lumen53/env_example Application/Lumen53/.env
cd Application/Lumen53/
php artisan migrate --path="../../database/migrations/"

API Calls

e.g. GET localhost/Lumen-Doctrine-DDD-Example/Application/Lumen53/public/api/v1/products


"php": ">=5.6.4",
"laravel/lumen-framework": "5.3.",
"laravel-doctrine/orm": "1.2.



Domain Driven Design

Hexagonal Architecture

Laravel Doctrine

YML Doctrine Mapping

Criteria Array to Doctrine Criteria

Foreign Key



Davi dos Santos - [email protected]


Nicolas Escouto - [email protected]

Release Notes

Isolation of framework dependency in Application concerns
Use of YML for mappings
Use of JMS serialization with YML

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