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Laravel Log Viewer2,958663633 months ago80April 06, 202242mitPHP
:dromedary_camel: Laravel log viewer
Log Viewer2,561
4 days ago31September 16, 20223mitPHP
Fast and beautiful Log Viewer for Laravel
Logviewer2,277509483 months ago118February 10, 202215mitPHP
:page_with_curl: Provides a log viewer for Laravel
Laravel Log Reader254
3 years ago7November 07, 20202
A simple and beautiful laravel log reader
Laravel Log Reader143424 months ago34February 18, 2023mitPHP
A log reader and management tool for Laravel
Nova Logs78118 months ago12February 07, 202117mitVue
Laravel Nova Log Viewer
Laravel Log Viewer21
10 months ago1mitPHP
Dcat Log Viewer是一个Laravel日志查看工具,支持大文件日志的查看、搜索以及多层级目录功能。
Better Log Viewer16
3 months ago18March 05, 20227mitVue
A speedy and clean Laravel Log viewer with search and pagination
Log Viewer13
6 months agoPHP
Provides a log viewer for Botble CMS
Laravel Log Viewer10
3 years agomitPHP
Laravel log viewer
Alternatives To Laravel Log Viewer
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Log Viewer for Laravel 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 (still compatible with 4.2 too) and Lumen. Install with composer, create a route to LogViewerController. No public assets, no vendor routes, works with and/or without log rotate. Inspired by Micheal Mand's Laravel 4 log viewer (works only with laravel 4.1)

What ?

Small log viewer for laravel. Looks like this:

capture d ecran 2014-12-01 a 10 37 18

Install (Laravel)

Install via composer

composer require rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer

Add Service Provider to config/app.php in providers section


Add a route in your web routes file:

Route::get('logs', [\Rap2hpoutre\LaravelLogViewer\LogViewerController::class, 'index']);

Go to http://myapp/logs or some other route

Install (Lumen)

Install via composer

composer require rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer

Add the following in bootstrap/app.php:


Explicitly set the namespace in app/Http/routes.php:

$router->group(['namespace' => '\Rap2hpoutre\LaravelLogViewer'], function() use ($router) {
    $router->get('logs', '[email protected]');

Advanced usage

Customize view

Publish log.blade.php into /resources/views/vendor/laravel-log-viewer/ for view customization:

php artisan vendor:publish \
  --provider="Rap2hpoutre\LaravelLogViewer\LaravelLogViewerServiceProvider" \

Edit configuration

Publish logviewer.php configuration file into /config/ for configuration customization:

php artisan vendor:publish \


If you got a InvalidArgumentException in FileViewFinder.php error, it may be a problem with config caching. Double check installation, then run php artisan config:clear.

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