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smoovy is a collection of small, useful and well tested js packages preventing copy & paste. The goal is to use as few dependencies as possible to guarantee a small final bundle. Also to keep the code clean, small and simple.

Main packages

Name Version Size
 @smoovy/scroller Version  Size
 @smoovy/observer Version  Size
 @smoovy/parallax Version  Size
 @smoovy/tween Version  Size
 @smoovy/ticker Version  Size
 @smoovy/event Version  Size
 @smoovy/router Version  Size
 @smoovy/utils Version  Size

Getting started

Choose a package you want to install. It's as easy as that:

npm install --save @smoovy/<package>

Roadmap 2021

  • [ ] 📦 Create @smoovy/timeline (timeline for tweens)
  • [ ] 📦 Create @smoovy/text-split (easy text splitting)
  • [ ] 💡 Improve tween demos


This is a simple monorepo consisting of some of the packages mentioned above.

Every command related to a package will be executed from the root directory via scripty

Building a package

To ensure the best result, packages are created with rollup. The following formats are supported: cjs, umd and esm.

npm run build:package <name>

Testing a package

Packages will be tested with jest and puppeteer. The sources files will be used for testing.

npm run test:package <name>

Some packages are still missing tests. These will be excluded from the code coverage completely.

Serving a package demo

The demo will be served and bundled with parcel. Every demo must have a index.html file. The source files will be used for the demo.

npm run serve:package <name> [<demo>, default]

Linting a package

The TSLinter is used for linting packages. Everything except the src folder will be ignored.

npm run lint:package <name>


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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