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A lightning fast image processing and resizing library for Go

This package wraps the core functionality of libvips image processing library by exposing all image operations on first-class types in Go.

Libvips is generally 4-8x faster than other graphics processors such as GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick. Check the benchmark: Speed and Memory Use

The intent for this is to enable developers to build extremely fast image processors in Go, which is suited well for concurrent requests.


  • libvips 8.10+
  • C compatible compiler such as gcc 4.6+ or clang 3.0+
  • Go 1.14+



Use homebrew to install vips and pkg-config:

brew install vips pkg-config


You need at least libvips 8.10.2 to work with govips. Groovy (20.10) repositories have the latest version. However on Bionic (18.04) and Focal (20.04), you need to install libvips and dependencies from a backports repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tonimelisma/ppa


sudo apt -y install libvips-dev


The recommended approach on Windows is to use Govips via WSL and Ubuntu.

If you need to run Govips natively on Windows, it's not difficult but will require some effort. We don't have a recommended environment or setup at the moment. Windows is also not in our list of CI/CD targets so Govips is not regularly tested for compatibility. If you would be willing to setup and maintain a robust CI/CD Windows environment, please open a PR, we would be pleased to accept your contribution and support Windows as a platform.


go get -u

MacOS note

On MacOS, govips may not compile without first setting an environment variable:

export CGO_CFLAGS_ALLOW="-Xpreprocessor"

Example usage

package main

import (


func checkError(err error) {
	if err != nil {
		fmt.Println("error:", err)

func main() {
	defer vips.Shutdown()

	image1, err := vips.NewImageFromFile("input.jpg")

	// Rotate the picture upright and reset EXIF orientation tag
	err = image1.AutoRotate()

	ep := vips.NewDefaultJPEGExportParams()
	image1bytes, _, err := image1.Export(ep)
	err = ioutil.WriteFile("output.jpg", image1bytes, 0644)


See examples/ folder for more examples.

Running tests

$ make test


Feel free to file issues or create pull requests. See this guide on contributing for more information.


Thanks to:


MIT - David Byttow

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