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Pathify makes working with Vuex easy, with a declarative, state-based, path syntax:


Paths can reference any module, property or sub-property:


Pathify's aim is to simplify the overall Vuex development experience by abstracting away Vuex's complex setup and reliance on manually-written code. The path syntax does the heavy-lifting, with a small set of helper functions used to directly access or wire up components to the store.


Get or set data without syntax juggling or worrying about implementation:

store.set('loaded', true)

Reach into sub-properties and arrays:

store.get('[email protected]')
store.set('[email protected]', 'Vuex Pathify')

Set up one or two-way data binding on any store value without bloat or fuss:

computed: {
  products: get('products'),
  category: sync('[email protected]')

Wire multiple properties (or sub-properties) using array, object and wildcard formats:

computed: {
  ...sync('[email protected]', [

  ...sync('[email protected]', {
    sortOrder: 'order',
    sortKey: 'key'

  ...sync('[email protected]*')

Use variable expansion to dynamically reference store properties:

computed: {
  product: get('[email protected]:index')

Set up mutations – including sub-property mutations – in a single line:



In practical terms, Pathify results in:

  • less cognitive overhead
  • zero store boilerplate
  • one-liner wiring
  • cleaner code
  • lighter files

The code comparison demo demonstrates reductions in lines of code of between 2 and 14 times (or more) depending on store size and setup.

To see the principles behind such radical code reduction, check out the Pathify 101.

Next steps

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